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capitu's Journal

welcome to villa cariño!
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"Capitu lives in the mountains of Bolivia, in a town that had its days of glory during a tin boom. It was dominated by the hacienda her grandfather built, a copy of the family seat in Spain.

"Now the mine is closed, the town deserted, the casa Grande uninhabitable but for a single wing.

"Capitu lives on among the ruins, last descendent of the grandees. She ekes out a bare existence on the dregs of the family fortune, living little better than the old family retainers who also still cling to the hacienda.

"But the view of the Andes is as majestic as it ever was. Capitu looks out on the mountains, and dreams of other days. And she writes."

Harry Potter is my fandom. Harry/Draco & Harry/Ron my ships. But I'm pretty open, so I'd read any slash pairing under the sun. I have a Harry/Draco recs list here: my_drarry_recs. My recs at Tumblr: capiturecs@tumblr. And my personal blog at tumblr (with more HP recs and stuff): capipuff@tumblr

I'm a journalist during the day, but at night I wear a cape and try to save the world.

You can live for many causes, but you can only die for one. Mine is Freedom Of Speech. But I consider myself an activist of Human Rights. Don't be indifferent to the world around you. You can make a difference.

I am an Organ Donor. Because it's never too early to think of other people.

It's not about what happened in the past. Or what you think what might happen in the future. It's about enjoying the ride, for Christ's sakes.

It's all about enjoying the ride.

Which reminds me. Age statement: I'm over 18 years old. Boy, am I ever. :/

I have no friending policy per se, but introductions are dreamy! If you want to be added, just drop me a comment. And if I added you, I probably introduced myself and told you why before doing so; I wasn't raised by wolves, you know. :D

My journal is Friends Only, but don't be shy! If you and I are both shy we'll never be friends. And we could be friends! Or awkward. We could be awkward, too. ^^


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