Yay! I'm ready!

Actually I think I've forgotten to mention I'm travelling? Yeah, I am. \o/ I'm going on vacations for a week and I'm finally ready! I hate packing but I think this year I did pretty good. :)


Looks so neat. It doesn't look as if just half an hour earlier I had eighty percent of my closet on my bed picking up sweaters for god's sakes as if I'm not going to the Caribbean, capi, seriously and under all that crap there are two jumpers oh my god. :>

ANYWAY. I'm coming back the 29th, just in time for hd_erised and best co-mods in the world are also the most efficient people on the planet so while they are like, 'ines have fun, we have everything covered here!' I'm like MISS ME DAMNIT. LOL

I'll miss you guys so much! But I'll see you in a bit over a week! <3

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Some NGF Recs for you. :)

I don't know if you're following hp_nextgen_fest, but it's brilliant! I admit to be a bit behind, but today I'm going to try and catch up some more. In the meantime, i want to share some fics I've loved. :D

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The Next Gen Fest is still posting and there's so much more amazing things happening there! Check out Week 1 & Week 2 for more awesome goodies!

And lease don't forget to leave a comment for the authors and artists. They deserve all the love! <3
I &lt;3 my flist

I liiiive!

Oh god, I can't believe it's been over a month since I updated this. Actually I really can believe it. *uses whiniest voice* There's just been so much going on. Work has been crazy. A lot of people was let go from the paper so I'm doing the work of maybe 3, 3,5 people these days.

But that's like, okay, work. It's the extra stuff that's also a pain in the patella.

I got this throat infection and I was battling it for over three weeks. It just wouldn't go. I got better, a bit better but not really well, and then it got worse and then better. It was a pain in the ass it's what it was.

Then there was… you know, the rest. And here I'm going to chalk up depression, anxiety and all that that implies. It hasn't been a good few month but I'm getting there.

I got into a fight with my bf and it was one of our most ridiculous ones yet. So he saw a bad movie. You know, one of those bad movies that are bad on purpose and he loved it, he went and bought the DVD and he wanted me to watch it with him.

I'm sorry, no. I mean, God. I'd like to spend my free time doing something I enjoy, right? But he's all if we can't spend time watching a bad movie that the other person loved what are we doing, do you want to break up? Is this the end? because he's a dramatic little shit. :D

Obviously it wasn't too bad but he was so offended I didn't want to watch his bad movie, I felt bad. Not bad enough to actually watch the movie but, you know what I mean.

And then, oh god, then yesterday a mosquito bit me in the face. Yeah, right in my right cheek and it wouldn't be so bad but today I went to get my driver's license renewed. JFC. So I go and I have long bangs and I sort of tried to cover a bit, the big stupid mosquito bite and the guy who took my photo wouldn't let me.

If that wasn't enough, I tried to look my best, since I had this bite in my face and I figured I could put some make up, you know, but just as I was putting eyeliner I sneezed. :/ I look like a Picasso in my photo.

Anyway, that's what's been up with me more or less. ^^

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It's good to be home. :)

Hi!!!!!! Finally! Back from my vacations at last. A bit latter than I originally intended; the airport in Panama didn't have power for over six hours when I was supposed to come back and a lot of flights got delayed and/or cancelled including mine. I had never truly appreciated how nice and cold airports are. Jeez it was hot!

But I survived my family vacations. No small feat this time since it actually included a hurricane. I'm so sorry if I worried you about this, I did keep in touch with LQ and Birds, and Eidheann, and best co-mods Grace & Cissa and they would have totally updated you if there was something to update. It was rather very stressful until the last day when it was really scary and then it was very busy doing all the things. Thankfully, I know we were extremely lucky in our foolishness. But! Hogwarts, and Hogsmeade, and Diagon Alley were wonderful, but it was crazy, crazy, crazy. ^^

Already running to catch up with life and work and fandom. I was supposed to have a buffer day after coming back but that wasn't possible and in fact it turns out I have to travel this Monday again for work which I was not expecting. It's holiday here, but not in the rest of my country and I totally missed that when I accepted and now, well, traveling in a couple of days and missing a day off. Boo!

I'm going to do my best to try and catch up. I'd throw a 'YAY HOME' but oh my god, I rather feel I need vacations from my vacations and I'm so not ready to be back. :O

But in better news, my nipples are on top of their form so I have that going for me. LOL

I missed you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Random stuff and then less random stuff.

Today I discovered that nipples clamps are not for me. I was hanging my laundry you see, and I made a terrible, terrible miscalculation when I put the clothespins on my shirt so I could then proceed to hang my clothes.

I am bruised and tender and not in a good way.

Moving on, I'm travelling tomorrow. I'm going to Orlando (because, omg, of course, I wanna go to Hogwarts again) and I'm staying until the 19th. Well, so far my flight hasn't been cancelled so the trip is a go and I am working under the assumption it won't be cancelled, but I guess we'll see? :/

I'll try to keep in touch either way. I'll miss you! Please be safe. <3

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H/D Big Bang is a thing!


Something BIG is coming!

harrydracobang was announced today and I'm so friggin' excited to finally be able to talk about it! :D

Art by procoffeinating, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

YAS! Harry/Draco 2018 is a thing! :D

But I guess I should actually talk a bit about instead of going into 100% flail mod before? :D

Harry/Draco Big Bang is a community encouraging the creation of fanfics 50K+ and fabulous art. You write your story and collab with an artist that will create art for your fic and together you'll make a gorgeous final piece of fic and art. :D

You can learn more about the process here.

It's very, very early yet, because sign ups open Jan 1st. BUT! It's never too early to think about it! I bet many of you amazing writers have that one story you've been meaning to write for a long while. This is the perfect chance! Not only you'll have the opportunity to have an artist illustrating your but being part of Harry/Draco fun will be so much fun. We'll have activities (seriously, watch the community for future announcements!), chat sessions, sprints and so much more.

There will be lots of things to do for watchers, too. You can be a cheerleader, an alpha reader and help an author or an artist through the creation of their pieces, beta read and generally offer support and be part of Harry/Draco Bang 2018. :)

Please watch the community: harrydracobang and our Tumblr: @harrydracobang for more updates. We, as in gracerene, writcraft & myself are super excited and like, yeah! COME ON! HARRY/DRACO BANG! YAS! \o/

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Ah! Better late (is) than never! My first HP CrossGen Rec Post! :D

And it's all about Teddy:

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Go get some Teddy lovin'! :)

hp_crossgenfest reveals go up August 28th so there's time to catch up! Check out the Anonymous Masterlist for more goodies!

And please don't forget to leave some love for authors and artists. They are amazing! <3

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James Sirius Potter

HP NGF LOVE *and* GoT *and* Stuuuucky!

Prompt Claiming is Open at hp_nextgen_fest!

Art by [personal profile] 8c, Banner by [personal profile] capitu

You guys! *rubs hands together* This is an awesome fest for all your Next Gen needs! Surely you also need more Next Gen in your life? :D Come and check the prompts and find something tempting!

And in a completely unrelated note: I NEED THIS T-SHIRT IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

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Surely I'm not the only one still watching GoT and in love with Stucky yeah? Who else is with me! \o/

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hd_erised assignments were sent! \o/

fireworks bw

Yeah, it's so exciting! If you're part of erised, I hope you're having a brilliant time discovering your assignment. Please don't forget to reply the email confirming you got your assignment! <3

Have LOVELY Sunday!

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It's almost time!

IT'S ALMOST hd_erised TIME!


OMG OMG OMG! Are you ready? \o/\o/\o/



SEVEN MINUTES! That's it. That's what it took.


In other news the artists are sipping their teas and twirling their moustaches going 'unfortunate' whilst looking the madness that was the authors sing up. LOL

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