welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

It's never too late. :)

I had such great intentions at the beginning of the year. I planned to fill a spreadsheet with ever fic (over 1K) that I read this year to know how much read and just to keep it, because it's nice. :D

And I did so well until November. The month I read the most was July and the month I read the least was January.

Then November came and I started proofing Erised and I wondered if I should fill it in November when I read it, or if I should list it in December when it'll be posted. I made the executive decision to list is in Dec since I'm saving the links, the problem is that I had very little time to do extra reading in November so I started re-reading – mostly old faves, and yeah, do I list them again? LOL I mean, surely it counts, it's stuff I read! But at the end decided against it, and then December started and it's like...in December you blink and there are ten fics posted at least. It's awesome and I hope everybody is having the best time.

I love December. It kills me but every year I can't wait for it. :)

I know it's crazy busy so if you're following fests, please don't forget to join the HP Comment-A-Thon! It runs until Jan 6th and you can join in any time you want! :D

Don't be shy, come on! It's not too late! <3

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