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19 July 2017 @ 10:10 am
Hiiii! :D  
I'm back, alive and whole, which is a trend I love coming from vacations. :)

I had a lovely time and saw beautiful places. Man, Aruba! That's the place to live. Mark my words, I'm going to retire there.

I saw dolphins at the sea! Like, we had a little window in our cabin that I made my reading nook because I'm a nerd that spend most of her time reading \o/ and I looked out and hey, dolphins! They followed the ship just a few minutes but it was beyond awesome.

I missed you so, so much! How have you been? I'm going to try to catch up – I already did with some verses I'm following (see me being a nerd ^^) but it's a slow process. ^^ Tell me what you've been up to!

I cannot believe I missed prompting for hp_creatures and hd_fanart. I was so sure I had a day or two after I came back or else I'd left my prompts to be prompted by proxy as I've done in the past. :((((( But I'm excited because there are super cool prompts.

And hd_erised sign-ups open next Friday! Yep, that Friday 28th. ;) ;) ;) It's going to be a blast this year, and I hope to see you there. <3

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vociferandumvociferandum on July 19th, 2017 02:58 pm (UTC)
Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely time :))) I had to google Aruba, looks very promising indeed!! *_*
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 19th, 2017 03:40 pm (UTC)
Thank you! Aruba is gorgeous, I had never seen water more clear, and there's an Italian cafeteria in the corner of the plaza, I'm set! :)

Machiavellian Puppet Master: awesomtastictjs_whatnot on July 19th, 2017 03:25 pm (UTC)
YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!111

Aren't dolphins the best things EVER?!?! We saw them on our boat when I went on a Disney cruise with my niece a billion years ago. It was a highlight of the trip. ♥♥

Glad you had a great time! Glad you're back to regale us with your travels. ♥ ♥

I ~might~ have to beg your beta help shortly for a... thing... ;)
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 19th, 2017 03:42 pm (UTC)
They are!!!! There were so many gorgeous places I saw, but man, the dolphins! :)))))

Yay! You're writing something! \o/ I'm totally ready when you are! ❤️
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carpemermaidcarpemermaid on July 19th, 2017 06:29 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!!! *hug* I've missed you!!! I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful time! You got to see dolphins! That's so magical <3

Omg I'm so not ready for erised signups to be here already hahaha! EEEEEEE!!!! I think I've poked enough people about joining in this year, though. ;)
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 19th, 2017 09:10 pm (UTC)
It was so so magical! I got so excited it was awesome. :))

YAY! I'm so happy you've been poking people! :D That's god's job, you know. ;) I'm super excited! <333333
my_thestralmy_thestral on July 19th, 2017 06:35 pm (UTC)
You're back!!! :D *takes a leap and hugs you* I missed you! I'm so glad your trip was colourful and all kinds of wonderful!
My Dutch relatives tell me Aruba (as part of the Dutch Antilles) is really nice, so you hit a jackpot there! Oh, and the dolphins! *melts*
I'm sorry you missed so much stuff, but fests are coming and I hope you miss none - it's just a tad lonely without your colourful, exciting posts and signal boosts and comments! *lands you in the Hug-land again*
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 19th, 2017 09:11 pm (UTC)
It's super nice! We went to all the Dutch Antilles. I also *loved* Bonaire, but the sea in Aruba was enchanting and that little cafe was super! :)

Yeah, so sad I missed prompting on those fests, and I did have some colourful ideas for both! But I can totally save them for future fests, like NGF! \o/ You totally doing NGF right? <3333

*HUGS* Missed you!!!!
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evening12evening12 on July 19th, 2017 09:34 pm (UTC)
Welcome back!

Happy to hear that you had fun. I am jealous of the dolphin!

Coming back because I forgot that you asked what we'd been up too lol I've been well. Eating delicious gelato, getting my hair cut and loving fandom. Writing on my 3rd fic submission since being actively back in fandom. HP Drizzle all the way!!!

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welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 20th, 2017 12:31 pm (UTC)
That so cool! I'm so happy you've been writing more often! I just saw the reveals and you wrote one of my all time fave Luna/Ginny fics! I'm so excited about more writing. :)

Also happy about the gelato. Yum! ❤️ AND FANDOM!
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khalulukhalulu on July 20th, 2017 02:08 am (UTC)
Hey, welcome back! Glad to hear you saw lovely places and beasties of the sea.

I have been writing and reading for HD LDWS, and trying to get on the good side of a very grumpy Siamese foster kitty. Also teaching (work), and taking a beginning ceramics class, which is very cool - we just learned how to trim pots, and you can make them look quite different by taking off the junk at the bottom!
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 20th, 2017 12:33 pm (UTC)
I'm catching up with LDWS! I managed to vote earlier and I can't wait to see who wrote what. :))

And a kitty! Have you posted photos? Must share photos of her. 😻

Hey, ready for Erised? ;)
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themightyflynn: eyethemightyflynn on July 20th, 2017 12:00 pm (UTC)
Welcome back! *glomps*

Dolphins are beautiful! It's bad of me, but I always forget that others don't have ready access to them. :/ Bonus of being an Aussie, I guess!

Next Friday, holy crap?! I'll have to get my sign-up ready, thanks for reminding me!

And yes, the comm is Weasley Jumpers, but, much to my shame, I haven't organised anything yet, because I suck. I need to make banners and organise myself, but the fest won't be until after August 13, because I'm going to the Stargate SG-1 20th anniversary con in Sydney that weekend. \o/ So, sadly, this part of fandom will have to be delayed until then.

Good to have you back. :)
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 20th, 2017 12:38 pm (UTC)
It's so awesome you get to see dolphins often, definitely a bonus! :)

Yeah, next Friday! The sign up template will be posted soon - tomorrow if I'm not mistaken. :)

Yes, I knew it was Weasley Jumpers (though for a mo I wonder if maybe it was 'sweater' lol). I think you were thinking about a time line, no? For a mini fest? let me know if you need help with banners or anything. ❤️
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lijahloverlijahlover on July 20th, 2017 09:18 pm (UTC)
Welcome back hun.

I am sure Aruba is beautiful.

welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 21st, 2017 02:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you, dear! <3333
Jaeenchanted_jae on July 22nd, 2017 07:04 pm (UTC)
Happy to see you back, and good to know you had a lovely time!
welcome to villa cariño!capitu on July 23rd, 2017 01:34 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Thanks Jae, it's good to be back. <3