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Promoting and Reccing. :)

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Prompting is open at party_4_potter! A surprise Birthday Party Draco's organising for Harry. :D I hope I can stop by and leave some yummy prompts soon! Please stop by and help celebrate Harry on his birthday. <3

And some recs from , which is posting right now! God, I'm so behind with my recs. I have stuff from MONTHS ago that I meant to rec and yet – lamo is me. But I'm trying to do better, so here I offer some Rare Pair goodies.

Doubling Up by myfirstisfourth
Pairing Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4K
Summary: Every morning, the only bathroom in the partially rebuilt Burrow was in constant demand. To expedite matters, Ron and Harry agree to share. What else would best friends do.
My notes: This is so much fun, with poor Ron pining away for Harry and yet having to share his house, his room, his bed and now, after Harry's brilliant idea, his shower with him. Yeah, it's as fun as it sounds. And super hot! :D

You and I by shiftylinguini
Pairing Albus Severus/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 31,7K
Summary: Scorpius has adored Albus since he met him, so it’s a surprise to no one that he’s in love with him. Well, it’s a bit of a surprise to Scorpius actually, but he can handle this. He can handle this, as well as being gay, having to come out, and then having to tell their families, three years later, that he and Albus are getting engaged. // Now, all they have to do is grit their teeth and somehow get through the sodding wedding planning ― let alone the dreaded event itself ― and Scorpius can get on with being happy with Albus. Never mind that their families seem to be competing against each other in the Wizard Wedding Argument Olympics, that Albus looks more miserable every day, and that Scorpius couldn’t give even the whisper of a fuck about cakes, invitations, and wizarding tradition. All Scorpius really wants is Albus, but it’s not about them. That’s how getting married works, isn’t it? // Isn’t it?
My notes: This fic is SOOOOOO the cutest thing in the world. It starts with, well, it starts with Al and Scorpius back in school and Al going through a difficult time with his parents' divorce and Scorpius being there and then it follows with after school with Al and Scorpius being roommates and Scorpius having FEELS because Al went on a date and next thing we know he's high as a kite and taking a bath and Albus gets in the bath with him – and I swear I'm not going to finish gushing about this fic. It's adorable. They are adorable together and there's the most perfect proposal in the history of ever, and that's where trouble starts because of course Potters and Malfoys can't play nice. It's super entertaining and FULL of all the feels. <3

Here I Am, Again by snax0
Pairing Severus/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 7K Approx.
Summary: Five years after the war, Draco returns to England to work for Severus Snape. He expects an interesting job opportunity, but what he gets is a new nightshirt and a rekindled childhood crush.
My notes: This is a beautiful story. It's about, well, as the summary says, Draco returns to England to work with Snape, but you see, it's beautiful, they way they perfectly work together, how they are in perfect sync and the progress they make in the project they've been working. It's lovely how Draco's crush grows, and then when the moment comes, it's just wonderful finally seeing them together. :)

Finding Sanctuary by evening12
Pairing Ginny/Luna
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,2K
Summary: That year Snape was Headmaster was the worse time to be at Hogwarts, but for Ginny it was also the best because she found Luna.
My notes: This story is so sweet and wonderful. It's hard, too, because it takes place in Ginny and Luna's Sixth Year, when Snape was Headmaster and it was such a difficult year, and yet, they are so brave all of them, and in Ginny and Luna's case, they find love and comfort in each other. Seriously lovely stuff.

Will add usernames after reaveals. :) Check Week 1 and Week 2 for even more awesome stuff!

And don't forget to leave some love for the authors, man. Artists and writers ROCK. They deserve all our love, no? Come on! :D
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