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Snowflake Challenge Day 9 & 10

I think I'm doing this in pairs. :D But hey, still doing it! I feel very accomplished. I think this 10 days of the Snowflake Challenge alone I've posted more than in a whole month any given time. Sorry? ^^

Moving on. . .

Day 9
Send feedback to two fannish people — they can be anyone you want: a writer who’s made you happy, a moderator of your favorite exchange (not us!), a fanartist you avidly follow… There are so many possibilities. Just let someone know you appreciate their work.

This was so much fun. I actually went and did it twice because at first (I think I read this one too quickly in my excitement at 'send feedback') thought it was fic/art feedback and went for that, and then I realised it was fannish people and then did double to make it up to myself. LOL, which was even more fun! So totally did this and one of my fave days. :D

Day 10
In your own space, share your love for a trope, cliché, kink, motif, or theme. (More than one is okay, too.) Tell us about it, tell us why you love it, give us some examples and recs. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Oh yeah! Let's talk about Hung!Harry, baby! \o/

Actually, I don't know there's a lot to say about this? Like, it's pretty self-explanatory? LOL As to why I like it, I don't even know. It's one of those things that I just think it's fun and hot and that's it. I'm not too interested in analysing why I find this so appealing. Not at all. I like it, and I am not ashamed! \o/

It all started with Big Dick, Come Quick no longer on-line *sad face* Ahh, the its legacy LIVES! I'm actually very lucky that I have marvellous friends who often indulge me. AHHH! REC LIST!

eidheann_writes actually has a series on this that she wrote for my last two birthdays. Unabated. And yes, totally hung!Harry or me! And I love the description of the series: Stories in the same universe, all birthday presents for my beloved capitu. (And because they're all birthday presents, they're all porn.) SHE KNOWS ME SO WELL!

There's also lq_traintracks, who wrote this Hung Like a Horntail, and check this summary (totally a ~collab): Draco's become a bit obsessed with Harry's sizable package. It's a little distracting. Even more so when it's up your arse. (Or "Harry's Big Dick is messing with Draco's life." ~Capitu). But you know, LQ is always and forever indulging me, so she often ~winks~ at me in her fics with hints to Hung!Harry (WHICH I TOTALLY PICK UP!), so also check: More Than One Way to Polish a Broom, Get a Room to name a few.

alisanne also wrote me Take It, and OMG, also check out this summary: It's his birthday and he'll have a giant cock if he wants to. And part of her notes: In addition, I gift this to Capitu because, well, hung!Harry always makes me think of her. ;) Yep, I have a reputation and I'm proud! Heh. <333

gracerene has also written: Love ♥, a beautiful fic about love but naturally she snuck some Hung!Harry for me. :D

sdkshelly wrote me a 100 words drabble and there's totally hung!Harry there as well! Geen Eyes.

sp_owl wrote me The One Where Harry's a Top-Virgin, aaaand of course there's the note to mark me as a proper perve: This is written for the wonderful capitu as a birthday gift. It features hung!Harry, one of her favorites. \o/

lauren3210 wrote me Special Magic, the Special Magic isn't Harry's big dick, it's a different one that Draco thinks he has, but he also has a big dick. :D

And of course, there's art, I have friends *looks at shiftylinguini who is always drawing bulges for me, and then there was isinuyasha who went and drew totally hung!Harry here.

See, Ah, hung!Harry is the gift that keeps on giving. Naturally I have an appropriate icon. ^^

Of course, all of these are hung!Harry in Harry/Draco fics, but you know, he's got love (and dick) to give for everybody and I love him always and forever though that list would be significantly bigger. AHEM. I'll do it one day! :D
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