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Should've stick with toasts.

Today I made the worst waffles in the history of waffle-making. I'm not even kidding, they were pathetic. :(

Sadder still is that I forgot to take a picture of them, because such bad waffles should have been documented, but maybe they're best left forgotten. What a loss though.

Anyway, on a different topic:

Does anyone know what happened with the Harry/Draco AO3 feed? I remember at the end of February it stopped loading properly and I was planning to open a support request asking what was the problem, but now it's completely gone. No more H/D AO3 feed, and it's so sad because that thing was super useful. Any idea how this work or what can be done or, I dunno, who to call? Ghostbusters? Anyone? ^^

Edit: Well, it's showing: ao3harrydraco Only it's not updated since Feb 18th. ://

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