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Stuff and recs. :)

Well, the drabbles for the second week of slythindor100's H/D LDWS are up and I'm in the bunch. OMG!!! How did that happen? :D This is one more week than I thought I was going to last, you guys! I'm dead chuffed to be there! And surprised. lol

Also, this is the second week birdsofshore has failed to spot me, which I find highly amusing, but in all fairness, how is she to know? Unless I throw a bunch of emoticons :D:D:D and a few ^^s in my drabbles, there's no way to know, really. STILL, funny. :D

The drabbles are here, in case you want to read them and vote. (Come on!) Voting ends tomorrow at 6pm CST. Warn you though, it's going to be hard because, damn, you people are so talented! <3

But so many exciting things have been happening. Lots of claiming open, just check this out:

hp_creatures's Halloween Fest here.
hp_silencio: here.

And on-going claiming at:

bottom_draco's Transformations Fest here
hd_fanart: here
hd_cliche: here
snaco_soiree: here
And hd_fan_fair: here <----this is only until the end of August

I'm so happy because some of my prompts have been claimed for some of these. *makes the happiest of dances*

There's hd_collab posting. You haven't checked the fest... DOOO EeeeT! It's been great. \o/

And I have two recs for you:

Draco Malfoy and the Temple of Runes by iwao & this_bloody_cat | PG
My notes: The summary says: "Legendary hero Draco Malfoy is back in action in his newest adventure, this time to tackle the great terror surrounding the mysterious Temple of Runes. When Harry is about to be sacrificed by the Runes Master, it's up to Malfoy to rescue him, win his love and dismantle a terrifying cult known as 'The Runers'." And you must check it, because it's amazing. Like, seriously amazing. There's naked Harry covered in runes, and Draco wearing an effing fedora hat and holding a whip. I just lost you, didn't I? You're already off to see, yeah? Yeah, I know. :D

Up in the Air by kazuya22 [artist] & dicta_contrion [writer] | 8,5K | PG-13
My notes: This is a darling of a fic, in which Harry and Draco are in a ~secret~ relationship, they both work in the Ministry but their works had never crossed, until Harry becomes Draco's new test subject for one of his inventions: A flying Cloak! :D Yep, and Harry is adorable, confused about seeing Malfoy vs. his Draco. And the art, man, the art is bloody gorgeous! You'll see them flying, and there are images of Harry and Draco and then together, and God, they're beautiful. :)

So if you want to read, check lovely art, CLAIM, you know where stuff is happening.

And don't forget to leave some love to the authors! Comments are love. ♥
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