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Recs, that's my excuse. :D

I know, I don't post here in weeks and suddenly I'm posting every day - twice a day even! I'm horrible. ^^

But hey, RECS!

Two Ron/Draco, one Draco/Al and one James Sirius/Scoripus ~bonus!

closer to wrong, no further from right by blithelybonny @ dracomalfoy | Ron/Draco | NC-17 | 2,3K |
My notes: God, this story is so much fun! And it's just that Ron thinks he has Draco exactly where he wants him, but he wasn't counting on, well, Draco. In short, Ron is going to question Draco under Veritaserum and somehow Draco ends up with Ron exactly where he wants him. It's totally awesome.

The Butterfly Effect by my_thestral written for hp_mhealthfest | Ron/Draco | R | 17K |
My notes: It's written from Ron's POV and it's just so damn witty and fun and brilliant. The voice my_thestral is all kinds of amazing. Ron is funny, he's brave, he's perfect. He finds Draco in an unlikely place and soon learns of his burden, and of course, immediately tries to help. This is the fic that forever going to make me think of Ron/Draco. It opened my eyes, and I loved it.

You Know I Have an Appetite (For Pretty Things) by gracerene @ dracomalfoy | Draco/Al | NC-17 | 1,2K |
My notes: Jesus, this is just pure kinky filthy hotness RIGHT HERE. It's Al, submissive and perfect sucking Draco off. And Draco, Christ, he's smoking hot. I don't want to spoilt if for you, but there's a whole lot of hotness waiting for you. Go read!

A Glimpse of Gold by chantefable @ dreamwidth | James Sirius/Scorpius | R | 1,8K
My notes: Discovering this fic was SUCH a joy! I can't get enough of this pairing, and the way it's written here is fun and wonderful. The Aurors have new uniforms, and it's creating havoc in James mind seeing Scorpius in them. Funny, hot and perfect.

Don't forget to leave a comment! Comments are...yep, comments are LOVE. ♥

And hey! For those following the Champions League: OMG! Did you see?? Go FC Barcelona! My dad's going to be pleased. My newphew is going to be crushed. Me? I was crushed back when Real Madrid got botted. ^^
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