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Very exciting time in fandom!

I just left some (hopefully) tempting prompts over here:


Trust me, it's not as hard as it seems! LOL Give it a try, it'll be great! <33

But there's so much stuff going on. Jesus!

bottom_draco announced the Transformations Fest and timeline. So excited you guys. I've missed this fest like crazy. And hd_cliche also announced the fest and timeline, and what's awesome is that you can totally prompt your favourite cliché, or authors and artist can have their pick from their awesome clichés list. :D

Prompting is also open at snaco_soiree. I need to head there soon, because, you know, No one does it like a Slytherin! <---- their motto. ^^

hd_smoochfest is posting daily. \o/

The party NEVER ENDS at dracomalfoy of course. <3

And last but not least harrydracompreg finished posting and LORD there's amazing stuff going on over there. Please take a moment to go through the fest and leave comments and love to authors and artists. It's been truly amazing.
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