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I have a pimp sombrero!

I don't know if you've heard, but Claiming is Open at the hp_crossgenfest!!! XD

Art by thiliart, Banner by capitu

Such a sexy fest, just look at that art! ^^ Have you claimed a prompt yet? Dooo ittt!!! It's only 1,000 words minimum or the equivalent in art. And if none of the prompts call you, (so many good ones!!!) you can write or draw your own idea. Come on, go for it! :D

And in case you forgot: harrydracompreg, hds_beltane and hp_mhealthfest are posting. \o/

In other news, I'm very achey. I cleaned up my house and now it's so shiny. But that's not why I'm sore. I started going to the gym last week and I'm still feeling it. I'm okay for the most part and then I do something drastic like, you know, laugh, and it's, ouch, oh yeah, my tummy remembers that. But it's good for me. I can do this! <--- The things I tell myself when the instructor is telling us very cheerfully, "Ten more!" XD

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