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Musings and recs. :)

I was going to make the "Ask me anything" meme that is going around, but after asking (and reading answers) I'm a bit scared. :D You guys are filthy! ILYSM. <3

Reveals are up at dracotops_harry, and, man, it was so much fun guessing with snowgall. :D

It got me thinking though.

I love commenting, I do. And it's just that, whether is a friend's fic, or someone I don't know very well, or someone I've never talked to before, when that author answers me back and say things like, 'This comment made my day!' or 'I'm so happy you like it,' or 'that's exactly what I was trying to say', for that brief moment you've made a connexion with that person, you know?

You made that person feel good, made them smile, and that's powerful, man. And from then on, when I see them again – another fic or art, another fest – I imagine they see my username and I see theirs, and we smile or nod in a, 'hey, I remember you,' kind of way, even if it was a short interaction, we're not strangers any more, because for a moment, they gave me something, a story, an art, a moment in a world they created, and because of my comment, I meant something to them, too. It's wonderful. Comments are

Yeah, okay, I'll shut up. ^^

But, hey, recs! :D

The hp_darkarts's Horror fest Finished posting, and there has been lovely stuff posted there. And by "lovely" I mean totally creepy and awesome. :D

Here are some of my favourites. Scary and awesome stuff ahead – mind the warnings in each post:

And they put a wreath of flowers over his head by otterandterrier @ hp_darkarts | 1,8K | Harry Potter (gen) | R
My notes: What can I say about this fic. God, buried alive!! Terrifying. Jesus, just remembering… *shivers*

Predictable by carowren @ hp_darkarts | 2,7K | Luna Lovegood (gen) | R
My notes: Classic Horror stuff right here. I don't even have words. The world Luna creates in her mind, the world she sees, it's so perfectly horrifying, the descriptions of the madness so vivid. So amazing.

Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live by otterandterrier @ hp_darkarts | 19K | Hermione, Ron/Hermione | R
My notes: This one really scared me. Well, they all scared me, but this is… Just imagine if Hermione's parents suddenly act as if Hermione is crazy, they act as if they don't know she's a witch and have her submitted to a mental institution. Well, that's what happens here.


Your Move by primea @ hp_darkarts | Harry, Harry/Draco | PG-13
My notes: Oh my god, this imagine of a Dark!Harry is so, so gorgeous, it simply take your breath away. It's fantastic, Harry is beautiful, but there's a quality to him, a darkness that is, well. Yes, it's amazing.

Keep Watching by writcraft @ hp_darkarts | 0,5K | Harry/Draco | R
My notes: This is a ficlet that comes with art, you have to keep watching, because the effect in the image, along with the story, shocking and so awesome.

And because you might need cheerful stuff, a few from hds_beltane, which is still posting! :D

Past Imperfect, Present Tense by goddess47 @ hds_beltane | 2,4K | Snape/Harry | PG-13
My notes: Sweet, yet so intriguing, you have to keep reading till the end so everything falls in to place. You're not quite sure what's happening – the narration is very effecting that way, but the ending is lovely.

Prophecy Fulfilled by ravenna_c_tan @ hds_beltane | 7,9K | Snape/Draco, Harry/Draco, S/H/D | NC-17
My notes: The premise is, you have to have lost your innocence to cast the Unforgiveables. And Snape is going to take Draco's, and together, they'll take Harry's. It's great and hot in a very dub-con sort of way. Mind the warnings! :D

A Beltane Bond by themightyflynn @ hds_beltane | 7,4K | Snape/Harry/Draco | NC-17
My notes: Hot! It's hot, so lovely at the same time. This is the day when Harry, Draco and Snape bond, we can see glimpses of their relationship, how good they are together. And so very hot. Double penetration!!! Is all I'm saying. :D

Now I'm off to keep asking. Happy weekend, I hope! ♥
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