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Hello (hello, hello...)

It has been quiet lately. Part of me thought maybe this was one of those self-fulfilling prophecies in which we're all quiet because it's been so quiet lately, or we're all talking about how quiet it's been instead of, you know, just talking. :D

But it has been quiet. *nods*

In my little fannish heart I want to believe everybody is so busy typing their fingers off and drawing their bums off that most aren't here, like I know indeed that's the case for some of you. I want to believe there's going to come a moment in which more or less at the same time everybody going to deliver their work/fic/art come here and talk and talk and fangirl and be all merry where fun will be had by all. :D

I know, I'm a dreamer. But come on, exciting things are happening!

Claiming is open at hp_drizzle
Claiming is open at hd_eighthyear
Reveals are up at hd_hurtfest
'That Picture' Flash fest master list is up at hd_remix
Anon Master List is up at femmefest
Posting is happening at dracotops_harry and at snape_potter Snarry-a-Thon
Posting begins on May 1st for both hds_beltane and hp_mhealthfest
Posting starts at hp_darkarts's Horror fest the 25th
Due dates are approaching for both hd_smoochfest and harrydracompreg
And prompting opens at hp_crossgenfest on Monday

And that's only things I remember at the top of my head. I bet I'm missing more stuff. And yet, we're all, 'It's quiet here.' And it kind of is. ^^

Well! I am the resistance! I refuse to go down quietly and will be loud to the bitter, bitter end. :D Who's with me? Come on!

Anyone? *lol*

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