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Top & Bottom and Art!

Yep, recs, something for everybody! :D Harry/Draco (both top & bottom Draco) and art and one lovely Harry/Ron. All made for me! Okay, some of it from prompts I left, but they still count, yeah? :D:D:D

The One Where Harry's a Top-Virgin by sp_owl | NC-17 | 5K
This was written as a late birthday present for me, and god, it has everything I love. It's Post Hogwarts, roommates, there are knickers and a bit of cross-dresing, there's HUNG!Harry and dirty talking like WHOA. I'm telling you, RUN and read it. It's smoking hot. And for me!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to leave sp_owl all the love. <333

When the Opportunity Arises by alpha_exodus @ dracotops_harry | NC-17 | 7K
Draco owns a sexshop and gives Harry stuff! ^^ Okay, it's more than that, Draco's flirty and a tease and he's confusing Harry, too, which super. :D


Draco, it's— by bafflinghaze @ dracotops_harry | NC-17 Not Safe For Work.
And boy, you can't miss it. Watch it in detail, because the details are to die for. It's Draco doing ~things~ to Harry (there's a dildo involved), so sexy and delicious.

Punk!Harry and Punk!Ron by kath_ballantyne | Unrated but Safe For Work.
And it's that, Punk!Harry and Ron, and they look wonderful! The leather jackets, the piercings, the hair. Ron is one sexy beast! :D And in the same post, you can check the art she made for other people too. There are Bill and Tonks 1960 pop art, A Monster High-ish (colourful goth?) female Ironman and Peggy and Jarvis 20s Gangster style. I don't know who are the last two, but trust me, the art is *amazing*. Check them out. :)

Oh yeah. It's a wonderful time to be alive. \o/
Tags: pairing: harry/draco, pairing: harry/ron, recs, recs: art, recs: h/d, recs: slash

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