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Recs. ^^

Busy weekend, yeah? hd_remix finished posting, the Guessing Polls are up. Polls are torturously fun, aren't they? XD

And hd_hurtfest started posting yesterday. You'll probably need something to cheer you up after, so, hey, recs!

Six quick reads to brighten your day (all under 5K so really! :D ) from hp_getlucky, it's tons of fun over there. ^^

3 Harry/Draco, 1 James/Scorpius, 1 Al/Scorpius/James and 1 Hermione/Neville with Harry/Ron as a bonus!

A Stroke of Luck by torino10154 | Scorpius/Al, Scorpius/James | NC-17 | 2,2K
My notes: In which Scorpius tries his luck with a bit of Felix Felicis and bags two Potters. Smoking hot, and fun.

What Makes You Happy by hanson_phreek | Scorpius/James | NC-17 | 5,3K
My notes: Summary: Scorpius never really believed in luck...until James showed up at the manor uninvited. Bet you can see where this is going, yeah? But it's super sweet, too!

The Placebo Effect by tjs_whatnot | Neville/Hermione, Ron/Harry | Pg-13 | 4,4K
My notes: this is just Awww, because Neville is asking dating advise to Harry and Ron, of all people, but hey, it works. Lovely, so, so lovely.

Draco's Lucky Hat [Fic + Art] by digthewriter | Harry/Draco | PG-13 | 1K
My Notes: In which, LOL Harry keeps trying to put this crazy hat on Draco, and at the end they both get lucky. So sweet, and the art is the cutest ever. :D

Harry's No Good, Yet Perfect Day by alisanne | Harry/Draco | NC-17 | 2,6K
My notes: Harry has the hangover from Hell, but it's all made better after he drinks a suspicious potion from his Auror partner's desk. A lot more fluffy than it sounds, and a lot sexier, too! :D

Seamus Finnigan is Lucky He's Alive by sassy_cissa | Harry/Draco | G | 1,6K
My notes: Draco's alone in a dark road, soaking wet, and there's thunder! Only, it's not thunder, it's Harry on his bike. Dude, you have to read this one. It's awesome. ^^

And in case you haven't seen these, citrus_lime has made me art! :DDD

Boys in Shorts. That's right, Harry and Draco managed to switch their shorts. \o/\o/\o/

And the conversation goes like this:

H: "And why are you wearing my boxer shorts, Malfoy?"
D: "Hey! I could ask you the same question."


And then she made Draco wearing a messy updo. And it's perfect. Gods, just look at it! LOOK AT IT. ♥_ ♥

See? Best way to start your week. :)
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