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On and off but on right now so yay! Also, H/D art recs!

So frustrating. I've been without internet for the past – well, okay, it's been only a day, but that's ages in internet time, right?

It's my whole country, actually. The signal that comes from Peru was down and so everybody who uses that provider was off yesterday and today it's been on and off so I'm going to make a quick rec post before I go down, again. :D

What have they done? by anemonen for do_me_veela | PG
My notes: This is just lovely. The summary of this piece is, "During a raid of a Veela trafficker's quarters, Harry finds Draco among the captives. He's not in a good shape." And the image of Draco looking so vulnerable with torn clothes and looking so lonely is fantastic. He has amazing wings, but they look almost sad, you know? It's so touching. Also, the hair, yes, he looks sad, but that hair is fabulous!

Pink? by citrus_lime for hp_kinkfest | R [Probably not safe for work]
My notes: Okay, this is just delicious. This image kills me every time I look at it (entirely too often!) It's Draco wearing lingerie looking delicious, pressed to a chest-bared Harry, and Harry's hand is sliding down between Draco's legs and it's just so, so sexy. I swear, I can stare for hours.

"Grownups get them too." by digthewriter for hd_familyfest | G
My notes: It's just so cute! Okay, Dig always does the cutest art, truly (points icon) but this one is just heart-melting. It's Harry and Draco and Teddy all snuggling in bed and I dare you to look at it and not smile and go "awwww". It's just <3

So brave and quiet by primea for hd_remix | G
My notes: I'm in love with these three images. It's a remix of A Fountain of Unspoken Words by astardanced77 (2K | PG-13), and it's perfect for the story, which is incredible on its own (read it and love it). It's images, pictures of Draco's childhood, of Harry's loneliness and finally of Harry and Draco together. But the images are so telling, so gorgeous, the colouring, the everything about them. God. Beautiful and perfect.

I've been wanting to make a post about my birthday but every time I try I start with "It's been such an amazing week!" and then I go, "hmm, wait." ^^

But seriously, all in all, it was amazing, for me, at least, and I know you guys have fun with all the HUNG HARRY Fest that we had, yeah? :D

I just want to say that I love you, all of you. Thank you for being out there, for making every day special. I know things are a bit tense and tender right now, but, we'll weather the storm.

And if you need something to make you smile, go and check some art, read your favourite fics. There's so much talent here it's ridiculous. ♥ ♥ ♥
Tags: recs: art, recs: h/d

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