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Likes & dislikes in fic (or the entry where I went on and on):

I've been wanting to do one of these since birdsofshore and firethesound made theirs. And then gracerene did the Snowflake challenge and challenged people to make them; I went ahead and made mine, too. I blame them.

Likes, dislikes and everything in between. I warn you, I went MAD. Seriously. I'm ridiculous. ^^


• Harry/Draco OTP ♥
• James Sirius/Scorpius Next Gen OTP ♥
• Harry/Ron
• Draco/Al
• Harry/Scorpius
• Cross Gen pairings – I favour Trio Era with Next Gen mix the most (but I'll get to this in a moment).
• Pottercest

This list could be endless, actually, because I love all sorts: Harry/Sirius, Harry/Charlie, Harry/Teddy, Teddy/James, Charlie/Teddy, Scorpius/Al, and any combination of them. I love Cross Gen and the powerplay dynamic, (as said above, I favour Trio Era/Next Gen. I love when Harry is half the pairing ^^ but it doesn't mean I don't love other characters, I'm just listing my top faves, or trying to - rather badly), I love Next Gen, too (James, Al, Scorpius, Teddy the most). I admit I haven't ready many Marauders Era fic, and the ones I've read I've loved, but it's not something I'd put in my likes because it's less common for me to read them, not because I don't enjoy them.


I like a lot of stuff. Like, a lot of stuff, okay? Tropes and clichés: BRING IT. But to be a bit more specific (in no particular order):

Tropes & Clichés (and stuff that's maybe neither but I'm putting here anyway):

• Memory Loss fics
• Mpreg
• Disability fics
• Creature fics: Veela, werewolf, vampire, other
• Harry or Draco working for the other
• Roommates
• Co-workers (Auror partners or just Ministry workers – totally could be from different departments, too!)
• Down on his luck!Draco
• First time/getting together
• Bonding Fic
• Muggle AU
• Kid!fic/Parenting
• Muggle living
• Hurt/comfort
• Rentboy
• Powerful!Harry
• Hung!Harry (omg, please?)
• Coming out fics
• Draco!logic (you know what I'm talking about ^^)
• Unusual Careers
• Healer!Draco
• One taking care of the other
• Unspeakables

Well, and this list also could go on and on. I didn't even get to include Minister for Magic!Harry or Seer!Draco or friends first, or getting to know each other, or. But anyway. Love clichés & Tropes. In fact, all the tags at my rec comm are a good clue just how long my likes list could be, and even so, it still doesn't cover all I like. It's crazy, I know.^^

General Likes:

I tend to favour Post-Hogwarts, EWE or Epilogue Compliant. But I do love 8th year, too. It's just, yeah, just by this much *tiny space between thumb and index finger* I like Post Hogwarts better. :D Unless it's Next Gen, then I really, really have no preference, though I admit I've read most Hogwarts Era than anything when it comes to Next Gen. ^^

I love humour. I know a lot of my likes seem to be suited for angst, but nope, I LOVE humour, too! Silly scenarios and unexpected/weird/funny careers. Seriously, love humour. Flangst, fluff, drama, PWP.

I like banter and bickering. I like pinning and obliviousness. I like flirty stuff and UST and then having it resolved. I like knowing how they got together. Coming out. Bisexuality. I like Draco in glasses (it's totally a thing, right?) and wearing blue things, or, you know, blue sheets, yeah? (Though he'll probably look hot even in canary yellow.) ;)

I like it when Ron and Hermione are super and still very close friends with Harry because, how else it could be, yeah? Neville being awesome. <3

I like both first time and established relationship. I love both bottom!Harry and bottom!Draco, but pressed to pick I'd say I favour by this much bottom!Draco (Same with Mpreg ^^). And really, this is a slight preference, I do love both. But what I really like, and this I'm totally stealing from lq_traintracks and I quote: I do love if there's a dynamic there, like if one of them is *more* Toppy and the other *more* bottomy, even if they end up switching (so that the switching could be a little taboo or all ~meaningful and shit) <---- that. Like I said before, I like both dynamics, top!Draco and top!Harry but having to pick one or the other I'd go with bottom!Draco.

I like the funny, the feels, the SMUT.

Who loves smut? I LOVE SMUT! XD Fingering, dirty talking, blowjobs, thigh sex (intergluteal and/or intercrural sex), half-dressed sex, hung!Harry (yes, I know I said this, but I have to say it again ^^), size!kink (big time :D), rimming, slow sexy sex, hot quick and dirty sex, cross-dressing (not a whole outfit - I mean, it doesn't have to be - but knickers and/or skirts are super), dub-con, biting/marking, daddy!kink, shower!sex, knotting, A/O dynamics, come play (and here I want to include the whole "don't come until I tell you" thing, and "come for me." Maybe that's not come play and I need to read about that?). Well. Heh. Yes, I like smut a lot.

I love Kinks! I guess not those that you have to Google to even know what they are, you know? Super hard-core stuff, scant, bloodplay (if it's a creature Vampire fic, totally okay), things like that, but I'll get to this in the stuff I don't particularly like.

But you know, I also LOVE lower rated stuff. I do. :) I love fluffy, funny, witty things just as much. ♥


Um, I kind of don't have them. ^^ If I have to put something (on a prompting form) I usually go with; character bashing, homophobia and unhappy ending. Sometimes I remember to include mayor character death because, you know :(.

What I do have is. . .

Stuff I don't particularly like:

And this is an odd list to make because there's no stuff I just won't read. Well, probably character bashing is my only big no. But other than that, this is mostly stuff that I don't actively look for but when it shows on my flist or in a fest, I start reading and see. Or stuff that I have to be in a particular mood to enjoy or look for.

This would include: homophobia, spanking, infidelity, heavy plotty stuff.

Well. See, it kills me because some of my favourite fics include that and sometimes even stuff from the ~squicks list~. :D The thing is. . . I just love reading, and just like sometimes I run into something that includes something I love and just didn't do it for me, sometimes I read something that is not on my top favourite list that drove me crazy. So really, that little list is mostly the stuff that is safe to say I won't prompt but would totally read if someone writes it. :D

Also, past relationship, when Harry and Draco were together and they break up and spend many years apart but loving each other. So sad and I guess I'm a sap? ^^ Though I admit I've read it and absolutely loved several stories like this, but I favour getting together fics over getting back together fics.

Oh! The super hardcore/extreme stuff. I guess I'm not fond of knifeplay, torture (as a kink, if there's torture on the fic because a Dark Wizard got Harry and Draco, well, what are you gonna do? It's not like they're going to be fanning H or D with feathers or anything, right?) gore, etc. But you know, same thing, I've read it sometimes and loved it, but, just to be on the safe side I'll just put them here. ^^

I suppose this list doesn't apply to fests because coming the Horror Fest I'd read and love MCD and even gore and stuff, or coming Kinkfest I'll read kinks that aren't on this list, maybe they are in the 'stuff I don't particularly like' or something, but for the purpose of making it, well, there it is. Heh.

And that's more or less my list. Wow. Shit. Sorry. I don't think anyone went through this but at least I had fun writing it. XD Also, this list was made for fun, but if for whatever reason you happen to be writing for me (*HEART EYES* I love you already! And really, you don't have to ♥♥♥ ) asking eidheann_writes, birdsofshore or lq_traintracks can totally fill the blanks. :)

So. *scuffs feet* How are you today, you dear and tormented livejournal friend? Did someone make a post filled with endless babbling and contradictions? I'm sorry! <3
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