welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Exciting day today!

Eta: Prompting is Open at the harrydracompreg!!! :D:D:D

I'm so excited I'm all jumpy. Look! happy crazy dance

I love mpreg, I hope to see more people prompting and claiming. You don't have to intend to claim to leave a prompt, nor you have to prompt in order to claim. And it's a 1,000 word minimum! Come on! You have until April 30 to submit. *nudges*

This fest is almost the only fest in which Mpreg Fics and Art are produced. There's only a handful of both Mpreg fic and art done in all other fests combined, so it's kind of a big deal for people who love the genre. (It is a genre, right? Like Flangst? ^^)

So yes, it would be awesome to see everybody there. Try something new! I know several of you are doing the Snowflake challenge, and this is the new thing you could try! And even if you're not doing the challenge, I challenge you do to Mpreg. :D

OH! One of my prompts was claimed for the do_me_veela fest! Same situation as Mpreg with Veela, really, so it's brilliant to know this. And Claiming is still Open!

Also, Prompting is Open at hp_getlucky! And people have been leaving some crazy prompts. *coughs* Just saying. ^^

Ah, Fest season is here again. :)

Which reminds me, with hd_owlpost Winter Fest Reveals -- and so many surprises in this reveals! I actually flailed at people about their stories before reveals, again. God -- every single Master List from last year's fests has been added to the list (please let me know if I missed any!). Check it out: 2014 Master Lists Completed List.

I'll do that this year, too, starting with the upcoming dates. It was so much fun to check all those fests. :D
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