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Art Rec Mega Post.

Art Rec Mega Post! :D

All H/D. ^^ There's so much beauty and cuteness and adorbs going around, it's just too hard to pick a favourite. There's no way, but here are some of mine to start.

From hd_erised:

Out Flying by mayfly_78 | G
This is such a beautiful and colourful image of Harry and Draco flying together. You can the Hogwarts castle in the background, and their owls flying with them, the borders are beautiful, and the billowing cloaks, it's just magical.

Everything by disapparater| PG-13
Oh, my god! This art is such so playful and cool. You're going to love it, from the title (there's an "e" Harry and an "i" dot Draco) and it's just them, several scenes of them, but it's just so cute and adorable, I dare you to see it and not fall in love. Also, look carefully because I think, I think there's a freckle on Draco's bum! :D

You are my sun, my moon, and all of my stars by primea| PG-13
This image is just so enchanting. Harry and Draco under the star, in an embrace, with Harry gazing down at Draco, as Draco's tattoo, and it's simply gorgeous. Take a moment and admire those colours.

Easy Like Sunday Morning by iwao & this_bloody_cat | PG
This image feels so warm and familiar. It's Harry and Draco early morning, kissing, the sun shining on them, and it's beautiful, the colours, their hands, their bodies. Go see and then come back because I wanna talk to you about the ~mysterious bulge in Draco's pants. ^^

Love and Communication by anemonen| PG
Okay. So this is the cutest thing ever, okay? I'm not even kidding. It's a multi-panelled art, which tells as story of… I guess there's pinning. :D And a bit of lack of communication. Oh! There's also the cutest cat and kisses, and it's adorable. *heart eyes*

I don't need saving, Potter by isinuyasha| PG
Bloody gorgeous is what this art is. It's Harry and Draco in a sort of duelling stance, and Harry being awesome and protective and Draco being awesome and cheeky, and both stunningly beautiful. Check those uniforms (boots!) and Draco has this utility belt (which I insist carries lube, just saying), and wand holders and yeah. It's, well, see it and you'll be a bit speechless yourself. :D

From mini_fest & hd_owlpost:

Draco's Wish by chibitoaster | G
vaysh made a dare to check this art and comment without using the words "cute" or "adorable" and it's IMPOSSIBLE. I mean it. I know your first reaction upon seeing it's going to be: AWWW. You'll see. :)

Not-So-secret Santa by cremebunny | PG
This is just so, so funny and cute. It's Draco being all ~mischievous and giving Harry risqué presents. Absolutely adorable. :D

When Draco Became a Boy Again by leochi | PG or PG-13 (if you look closely!)
This is too cute for words, it's Harry and Draco turned to little kids, baking cookies, enjoying Christmas and then turning back to adults and having some ~fun~ that way too. Cutest ever.

And don't forget to leave some love to our talented artists. ♥♥♥
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