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Many, many recs for you. :)

I wanted to do a sort of caught-up rec post from hd_fanart and once again, I'm reccing a bunch of them. I couldn't help it. It's so hard to pick a few to rec because everything at the Fanart Fest is pretty damn incredible. You should check everything out. Entry by entry and I guarantee the best morning ever.

Here are a few for you:

Title: The Four Seasons by isinuyasha
Rating: PG
My Notes: This, as the title says, it's the four seasons, in which you see Harry and Draco's relationship developing through Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each is beautiful and funny and delightful in their own way.

Title: Made For My Collar by raitala
Rating: PG 13 (D/s themes)
My Notes: This art is just so sexy. It's the moment in which Draco places his collar on Harry. It's intense and beautiful and the textures and colours are gorgeous.

Title: Dream of a Mermaid Lagoon by star_sailor13
Rating: PG
My Notes: It's Merman!Draco kissing Pirate/Captain!Harry. And it's awesome! The image is so colourful, Draco's tail and hair are to die for. And Harry the pirate is just hot. Super fun and beautiful piece.

Title: Sight, Touch, Scent by iwao
Rating: R (mostly safe for work? It's really sexy, okay? XD)
My Notes: This is a gorgeous, delicious, intimate moment between Harry and Draco. Harry's kissing Draco's body, his thigh, and wow, the way Draco's head is thrown back, his eyes covered by a blindfold, it's absolutely sexy.

Title: Hate That I Want You by anemonen
Rating: PG 13
My Notes: This art is dreamy. It's Harry and Draco the way we love them. They are fighting, and they are just about to kiss. No, I mean it, you can tell, it's such an intense moment, there's anger, yeah, but the UST is undeniable. :D

Title: À La Mode by 8c
Rating: PG
My Notes: Perfection. Not even joking. This is Draco making Harry try several (awesome) outfits for an outing. Until Harry finally caught on that Draco might be enjoying the undressing bit of the dressing too much. It's brilliant. It's fun and delicious because, omg, Harry's gorgeous, and so hot! And there's perfect Draco blushing and, yeeeaaah. ^^

And my two prompts. I was the luckiest and both were claimed, and so, so lovely.

Title: Harry saves Draco in Great Lake by daleah
Rating: PG 13
My Notes: This is the third task, with a twist! Harry is saving Draco, and they kiss, and it's got a lovely atmosphere.

Title: More Than Friends by micehellhpdm
Rating: G
My Notes: This was done for an AUish prompt I left, in which Harry and Draco are friends through Hogwarts. And it's so adorable and delightful. You have to check out Harry's absolutely smitten face while looking at Draco. Not kidding. It's beyond sweet. ^^

Seriously. Go to hd_fanart and love them all, and don't forget to leave a comment for all our amazing, talented artists. We're so lucky. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who celebrate this day! <3
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