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Art recs and things. ^^

From hd_fanart Fest & serpentinelion's Glomp Fest are posting. And oh god, so much to see. Two of my favourite fests. I want to rec all the things, ALL the things, but here are some for you to start.

Title: The Holly and The Hawthorn by alby_mangroves @ hd_fanart
Rating: R
Pairing: Harry/Draco
My Notes: There are no words, NO WORDS, to express how beautiful this image is. It's gorgeous, Harry's hair is perfect, and Draco is so damn sexy, and they way Harry's touching him, breathing the same air. It's truly amazing. Seriously, no words.

Title: If You Like Pink-a-Coladas! by the-fluff-overlord (@ tumblr) @ hd_fanart
Rating: G
Pairing: Harry/Draco
My Notes: I love the "Burton-ish vibes" on this piece. The splashes of colour, the merman's tails, it's such a fun, cute art. I just love it. Different and awesome.

Title: Gentlemen Out for a Stroll by naadi @ hd_fanart
Rating: G
Pairing: Harry/Draco
My Notes: *claps hands* This is awesome. There are so many details on this piece. It's Harry and Draco in the 1920s - 1950s out for a Stroll, and they look so fancy and dashing, and boy, the witches reactions when they see them, priceless. Beautiful and colourful; the sort of art that just makes you happy. :D

Title: Willingly Given by iwao @ serpentinelion's Glomp Fest
Rating: PG 15
Pairing: Harry/Draco
My Notes: Creature!Art \o/ And it's beautiful. There's sexy Vampire!Harry, and yummy ~victim!Draco, and wow, Draco's torso and the way his head is thrown back, giving himself to Harry, delicious.

Please take a comment to admire and comment on all the entries. They're gorgeous. :)

And harryronreunion & hp_crossgenfest are next, the fics and art over there are to die for.

But now, tell me, are you excited about hd_erised???? I know the mods are SUPER EXCITED! happy crazy dance
Tags: pairing: harry/draco, recs, recs: art, recs: h/d, recs: slash

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