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Yes to all!

There's so much wonderful things happening in fandom right now I can barely deal.

Seriously. So many recs are coming! But for now reminders:

hd_fanart fest is posting.
serpentinelion"s Glomp Fest is posting.
hp_crossgenfest is posting.
interhouse_fest is posting.
hp_goldenage is open for prompting.
hprare_cliche is also open for prompting! <3
hd_hurtfest is open for prompting, too. :D

And almost daily activities at hp_reunion. I'm dying with the stuff posted at harryronreunion. So much wonderful stuff.

What else? What am I missing? Don't wanna miss anything! ^^

*bounces all over flist*

I'm slowly catching up. Long weekend here. But omg.

yes to all!
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