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Rectober Moar. :)

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For my third Rectober post I bring you art.

Well, I suppose officially is my second post because last time I totally cheated and didn't rec fanworks, which is what Rectober is all about, so, to make it up to you, I bring you eye candy! :D That's funny because there's actually candy in these recs. Please check these ones:

Title: Every Step of the Way by raitala @ hd_fan_fair
Rating: NC 17 Not Safe For Work! But nothing too explicit. ;)
Summary: Draco is arrested for prostitution, but instead of being sent to Azkaban he’s put in a new rehabilitative Ministry program that requires him to go to therapy instead of jail. Harry, his therapist, is going to have his work cut out!
Warnings/Content: Totally inappropriate abuse of the client/therapist relationship. (YUM!)
My notes: I am guessing everybody has seen this, but you know, if you have, here's your excuse to check it again, and if you haven't, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! The art is gorgeous, in fact, doesn't being to cover it, and then the set up, it's deliciously naughty and sexy.

Title: All Mine by catplusfox @ hd_fan_fair
Rating: PG Safe For Work
Summary: Behind every star there is a shadow.
My notes: Look, It's Adam Ant!Harry and Band Manager!Draco!!!!! And you know, even if you have no idea who Adam Ant is, do check this one out because it's amazing. It's beautiful, oh, so, so beautiful!!!

Title: A Working Week by daleah @ hd_fan_fair
Rating: NC 17 Not Safe For Work!
Summary: Harry has a new mission - he opens the office to introduce the pure-bloods to the world of Muggles. The most amazing thing is that he hires Draco Malfoy for a personal assistant. What happens in the office ... glimpse of their first working week.
Warnings/Content: PORN. *grins*
My notes: This was is my prompt \o/ And oh, boy, is it naughty! Is it ever so naughty! Here you can see Harry & Draco's VERY HARD working week. In many poses. It's not safe for work at all, so, you know, hurry! :D

Title: Heart on my sleeve by pinkelephant42 @ hd_fan_fair
Rating: G Safe For Work!
Summary: Harry owns a candy shop and always sets aside the best chocolate for Draco and his son.
My notes: This art is so sweet, and not only because it's Chocolatier!Harry, but it's just such a lovely picture. There's Harry selling chocolate, and Draco with Scorpius and even Al and Lily sneaking sweets from the counter! It's lovely.

Title: Moving Forward by anemonen @ hd_fan_fair
Rating: G Safe For Work!
Summary: Harry sees Draco every day on the train and wants to get to know him.
My notes: This is just the sweetest thing. It's got Train Conductor!Harry and Commuter!Draco, and seriously, your heart is going to ache for those first panels, Harry watching Draco, Draco looking out the window, and then, to make a smile blooming in your face, there are ~secrets notes being passed, and the loveliest ending. Not kidding. <3

I started making this post and honest to God, I wanted to rec everything. I went through art tag and I started getting excited, like, oh yeah, I'm gonna rec this, oh, and this one! Yes, this one too! And like that with every single art.

Truly, I encourage you to check Career's Fair Art Tag and marvel at the creativity of all our artists.

And please, don't forget to leave a comment. Comments are love. ♥
Tags: pairing: harry/draco, recs, recs: art, recs: h/d, rectober

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