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My second Rectober Post.

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I figured for a change, I could rec you some of my favourite HP communities. I meant to do a small list with a few, but once I started a couldn't stop, and it turned into a HUGE list, and I'm probably forgetting a bunch of communities I also wanted to mention, but it's start.

accio_hd_fics: Harry/Draco. This is THE place for all your searches. Like, if you're wondering if someone ever wrote a fic in which, say, Draco is eating a banana in front of Harry, well, someone out there probably read it and remember and will be more than happy to link you. If you're looking for a fic that's driving you mad and you vaguely remember a bit of it, go there and someone is probably going to recognise it. If you're in the mood for a sort of specific reading, ask and you shall be given. And trust me, there's nothing more fulfilling than nailing on the fic that someone was looking for. It's kind of addicting, actually. :D

hd_fan_fair: Harry/Draco. It's posting now, by the way. ;) This is a themed fest that changes every year. There's been Travel Fair, Book Fair, and this year another Career fair. And there are always amazing stuff being posted.

hd_remix: Harry/Draco, This is the fest that I like to think that 'comes with recs.' The thing is, this a fest in which authors and artists remix someone else's work, and it's pretty awesome because you get two for one! :D You get to read or see a lovely older fic or art, and then there's a follow up, or a sequel, or a prequel, or a different POV from the original fic. How cool is that? Also, Sign Ups are Open for Remix V 7.0.

harrydracompreg: Harry/Draco. The only community devoted specifically to those cravings. :D It also has a yearly fest, starting to post on Mother's day with reveals in Father's day. It's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. Please give MPREG a change, you'll fall in love with this trope. And speaking of that. . .

hd_tropes: Harry/Draco. Oh, this fest is hot. It celebrates the tropes that have become tropes because how well-loved they are in fandom, always with a twist, always in a creative manner, and yeah, this fest is particularly hot because the minimum raiting for a story is R, so it's smoking over there.

hd_smoochfest: Harry/Draco. Oh, this is the fest in which you can trust your heart. It's more or less a themed fest. Previous versions have included Bonding, Media Remix, First times, etc. But what makes this fest extra special is that fics ought to have a happy ending. That's right, happiness guaranteed, so you're having a rough day, read an agnsty fic, this is the place to heal your soul.

hd_holidays: Harry/Draco. This fest already had its final round, it will forever live in our hearts, some of the most loved stories came from this fest, it was mod wonderfully, and no matter what, you go through the master lists combing them, you find amazing brilliant stuff to fall in love all over again with Harry/Draco.

hd_erised: Harry/Draco. Kind of a new fest, the first round was in 2013, and it was amazing. I admit, I am particularly fond of it, *Grins* but I hope people find a new place here for the holidays, that people feel comfortable and at home, find a new place to flail and celebrate everything we love about Harry and Draco. Very close to my heart. Please join. <3

hd_owlpost: Harry/Draco. This is low-stress fest. It's smaller, in many ways, though it's so, so giving, there's no way to say it's small. :D The thing is, every participants gets 3 gifts, it can be anything, fanmixes, icons, banners, stories, fics, arts, interactive games, anything and everything can be given at this fest, as long as it's Harry/Draco related. Every gift, small or huge is made with love, and it's so much fun to watch and be part. A perfect place to hang around.

slythindor100: Harry/Draco. I only this year started following this community, and it's great, it was monthly challenges with images, this is also the place where both The 25 Days of Harry and Draco, and the Harry/Draco Last Drabble Writer Standing are hosted. It's brilliant.

Of course, both dracotops_harry: Harry/Draco. And bottom_draco: Multi-Ship. Which names are pretty much self explanatory. DracoTopsHarry has a yearly fest though, it's purely Draco toping Harry, although you can find lower rated stories, too, this fest is incredible, but it's also opened all year for posting. Bottom_Draco on the other hand, it's, well, it's bottom_draco, and whole Harry/Draco is very popular, you can find other pairings there, and always bottom!Draco, of course, and just as with DracoTopsHarry, the community has lower rating fics, and while it doesn't host a fest every year, it is open for posting as well.

hd_fanart: Harry/Draco. Oh, this the place of beauty. You can go through older entries and love the versions of the different artists of Harry and Draco, there's stunning art there, and of course, a yearly Fest posting in November. You can't miss this community.

hp_kinkfest: Multi-Ship. This is the fest that, well, oh boy, it's kinky, okay? XD Everything for you kinky enjoyment you can find, seriously. This is a place to discover, to explore. There are short stories, there are long stories, there's slash, het, threesomes, there's everything you could imagine, and it's all so very steamy!

mini_fest: Multi-Ship. The holiday Fest without the stress. And it is, usually shorter Christmas-themed stories & art, there are no pairing restrictions in this fest, and it's wonderful.

do_me_veela: Multi-Ship. This community is devoted to Veela fics. It has a Valentine's Day fest hosted through February, it's multi-ship, and all about Veelas.

hp_creatures: Multi-Ship. This fest, well, you can find all sorts of creatures in this community, it has a Halloween fest, posting in October (POSTIG NOW, in fact), and yeah, sometimes the odd animagus fic shows up, and it's always brilliant.

hp_darkarts: Multi-Ship. This is THE dark community to be. It's so well modded, and it has activities all year around, aside from being open for posting, too. They have a Horror Fest, but like I said, they also have known to host a Bloody Valentine, Taboo Kinks, eetc, as well as character studies. It's pretty interesting, and the place to be for flirting with the dark side.

hp_crossgenfest: Multi-Ship. A first timer! :D This year will be the first time this fest runs, and it looks like it's going to be wonderful, all for your Cross-Gen craving, which, personally, are my weakness.

hrholidays: Harry/Ron. A fest that brings back to life Harry/Ron. It had the first round last Christmas, but it also had a Summer of Love, and right now Claiming is Open for the Holiday Fest!

favicondaily_deviant: Multi-Ship. Hosted at insanejournal, this place you ought to check all year around, it has monthly kinky themes, and also the home of Kinky Kristmas. Another place to explore new kinks.

And finally, my_drarry_recs: Harry/Draco. My Harry/Draco rec community. I know, I feel odd doing the self-promoting (I'm starting to understand why people don't cross post and promote their works more, it's a bit odd, yeah? XD), but I'm actually kind of proud of the tag system and the categories, but I'm also open to suggestions, if there's some mistake in the tags, etc, let me know. I love it because, well, I love sharing the stories I love. I hope you find stuff love there, too.

I want to mention crack_broom, dm_asp_fest, hd_prophet, daily_snitch, hp_drizzle, hd_hurtfest, hp_goldenage, serpentinelion, hd_cliche, hp_mhealthfest, hp_owned, hp_sexstars, hp_silencio, hd_familyfest, and so many mores, but I honestly would never end.

If you want to learn and discover even more communities, go to hp_masterlists & potterfests. For Harry/Draco exclusive communities there are dysonrules's H/D essential guide and for even more H/D communities alaana_fair's H/D active communities list.

There's also vaysh's H/D Fests in 2014 list, which include dates and links to master lists. And a list I made 2014 Harry Potter Fests, which also include multi-pairings and specific characters fest, and of course, Harry/Draco fests.

Yes, well. As I said, I started doing this post, I thought I was going to mention just a few communities I love, but the more I wrote the more I realised there's no way to end. Still, I hope you find this useful! ♥

Wow, that took longer than you imagine. :D
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