welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Beta readers are love.

Beta readers are amazing. They can help you make your story something fantastic. Beta readers can help you find the right voice, they can spot a plot hole you missed, help you and encourage you to find the perfect ending, add the final touches to your story, they can see that typo you missed in your four previous readings.

Beta readers are invaluable. You know it, we know it. Beta readers are love.

I know beta reading demands time and commitment, but you guys make fandom a better place. Authors, artists and members love and appreciate the work you do behind the scenes, and we are all forever grateful for your time and effort.

Please, consider beta reading for HD Erised.

No one loves beta readers more than hd_erised. ;)

♥ ♥ ♥

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