welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Yay, I got my tail back!

Finally, finally, I have my computer back. Finally!

How long was I out? Three, four months?

Five days? What do you mean five days? :P I MISSED YOU MORE THAN FIVE DAYS!!!

Well, it seems there was a stronger bout of electricity and that is very damaging because I didn't have a stabiliser (turns out, surge suppressor aren't enough). And then the guy proceeded to tell me all the things that are Not Good for your computer and can ultimately ruin them and, oh, my god, I'm surprised these things even work at all.

[Because just about everything can ruin them.]Turning it on and off too fast
Running a bunch of programs at once
Unplugging it when 'it just doesn't answer'
Forcing a program out because it's slow
Playing games that the computer barely handles them
Not having a firewall
Leaving it on for ages
Suspicious files
Softwares from unknown sources (and downloading suspicious attachments)
De-installing stuff (it doesn't work, guys, not for reals)
Poke it and hit it (OH MY GOD)
Not updating the new systems
Even if you're using a mac, for god's sake, don't click on a page that has a warning that it might damage your computer
Not emptying your trash
Not clearing your cookies and history once in a while
Rebooting too often
Never rebooting
And yeah, putting CDs, DVDs backwards

In other words:

careful with this

The most awkward bit was when he asked me what did I do. This isn't counting computer content, of course. Naturally I said, "Nothing!" He said, "Hmmm huh."

it wasn't me, it's the computer

Then I admitted I put a CD backwards (DON'T JUDGE ME!!!!!!) and he said, okay, that still doesn't explain it. I didn't want to admit I was looking at porny gifs. Surely that's safe, right? You're all here. ^^

But it's back. Oh! And then he said, honest-to-god, that my computer was dirty (OMG!!!) so it needed a good cleaning. I was super embarrassed thinking about all the stuff in here, but then I realised he meant, you know, bytes and stuff. At least that's what I think he meant, I didn't want to ask.

I admit I'm a bit scared. I'm sort of waiting this thing is going to crash any second. I have cero confidence. And I'm also afraid that because I am "waiting" for something to happen something will happen. It's a vicious circle. And I probably won't go looking for porny gifs any time soon. How sad is that?

But I won't complain because I can catch up on dm_asp_fest and all the lovely fic that was posted.

I've got my tail back! YAYAYAYAY!

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