welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Happy Birthday, my lovely eidheann_writes!

Dear eidheann_writes,

I wish I could give you all the things. I wish I was able to write you the best story, draw you the best art, make you the fanciest present, if only because maybe that way I would be able to show you how much I love you.

This gift, this incredibly silly thing I did, was made with all my love, hoping that you already know. For you. <3

Title: The Story of Harry & Draco
Author: capitu
Rating: PG? R? idek. ^^
Word Count: 100
Summary: One hot, steamy night together, is only the beginning for Harry and Draco. This is the story of that beginning, and it happened on the last day of school.
Warning(s): I'm not sure if this is safe for work. Actually, I'm not sure if this is safe, period. But do enjoy it anyway! Erm, right, warnings: image heavy-ish, AU Hedwing!lives and a smidgen of mpreg.
A/N: Many thanks to my beta iwao for all the enthusiasm, for encouraging this madness and for the beta, naturally. She said it was funny and silly in all the right ways so blame her, too, really!

Happy Birthday, M. ♥


 photo 01ready_zpsd3bfa6fa.png


 photo 1ready_zps431964f1.jpg

 photo 2ready_zpse53dea83.jpg

 photo 3ready_zps9000bdab.jpg

 photo 4ready_zps3df7e123.jpg

 photo 5ready_zpsd41f2ad4.jpg

 photo 6ready_zpsbed2db51.jpg

 photo 7ready_zpsf6495944.jpg

 photo 8ready_zps81b48bbd.jpg

 photo 9ready_zpse07a56f5.jpg

 photo 10ready_zpsc85c61bd.jpg

 photo extra1donea_zps38c08f3a.jpg

 photo 11ready_zps29ad5e1c.jpg

 photo 12ready_zps571406b2.jpg

 photo 13ready_zps096a714c.jpg

 photo extra2done_zps5cfcc53d.jpg

 photo extra4donea_zps55ec8009.jpg
Tags: eidheann_writes is love, flist love, harry potter fandom fun, i love my friends, lego fic

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