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Fests and recs. :)

Yesterday the hp_kinkfest exploded all over my flist with opening prompting. :D I'm so excited! I haven't prompted yet, because while I have an idea of what I want (thigh!Sex aka Intercrural!sex, Pottercest, top!Charlie, bottom!Teddy, hung!Harry) I'm not sure how to turn any of that into a prompt. Maybe this is the year I'm just going to "watch", but that already sounds kinky, so it's not so bad.

Does it ever happen to you, that you don't know what to prompt even though you're dying to? It's happened to me with so many fests, it's ridiculous, and of course, just after prompting closes I do come up with prompts, which is crazy. Lol

But so much else to be excited about:

hd_remix is in the last week of posting
hd_hurtfest is posting
hp_getlucky is also posting
dracotops_harry starts posting on April 1st.

And there are three prompts at hp_canon_love's Meta Fest that look like would be so much fun, but I've never written meta and I'm very shy and self-conscious about posting any writing, yet even so I've been checking them daily to see if they've been claim. XD

And 4 Harry/Draco Art Recs from (mostly) on-going fests. :D I've been catching up. ^^

Title: Daydreams On The Bus by sylvaticginger @ hd_hurtfest
Rating: G Safe For Work
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry and Draco have a drunken one off. The problem with that though is that they're both supposed to be straight, so they're both tearing themselves up about it but they also can't stop thinking about it either.
Notes: This is beautiful and sad, and absolutely lovely. I love the colour and the style, the story it's telling, the anguish of this moment, and there's this one last image of a tearful Draco, it breaks the heart. It's gorgeous.

Title: Within Me by micehellhpdm @ hd_hurtfest
Rating: R Safe For Work
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Warnings: Blood! Pool of blood with evil Harry!
Summary: Dying wasn't simple enough for Harry, and though the Horcrux was destroyed, it left him with Dissociative identity/multiple personality disorder. His second personality happens to be that of Tom Riddle. Harry wants a relationship with Draco, while 'Tom' wants to take over the world.
Notes: This is beautiful, painful and a little scary, to see Harry so afraid of what else is living inside of him. It's a beautiful imagine indeed.

Title: In The Garden of Eden by mayfly_78 @ hd_remix
Rating: PG 13 Safe For Work
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: However the story begins, it always ends the same. Based on the fic In The Garden of Eden by nursedarry
Notes: This is a gorgeous animation, and it's so, so cute to see Harry and Draco as themselves and as the snake and the lion as it is on NurseDarry's fic, it's lovely all the way and beautiful, and that music! Oh. Delightful.

Title: In The Nest by brinimc @ do_me_veela
Rating: G Safe For Work
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: After being captured by Harry, Draco is forced to spend a few days in the veela's nest. This includes dealing with a wooing veela, an intrepid knight, and far too many days in isolation for our usual attention-seeking Draco.
Notes: It's a Chibi!Movie! \o/ And it's absolutely adorable. Cutest thing I've ever seen. They are so tiny and sweet and just so damn cute. :D I love chibis.
Tags: community rec, recs: art

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