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Will you be my Valentine?

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May your day, your life, be full of all the love and happiness you deserve. *loves and smooches the hell out of you*

Lots of exciting things are happening today all over fandom:

The Harry Potter Character Love Fest runs until today. You still have time to leave your love to all the characters you lofe, and read those love-filled threads. Oh my god, I've gone all teary at some, and laughed my bum off at others. It's been wonderful. Don't miss it! It's been wonderful and it's all because of you. <3

And today do_me_veela starts posting! \o/ I'm so excited! Who doesn't love Veelas? It started already. Run to those Veelas!

Today also the hd_smoochfest opened prompting! SIX prompts per person this year, three for fic, three for art.

And then the hp_darkarts has My Bloody Valentine, which promises to be all kinds of exciting. XD

And then Claiming is still open at hp_mhealthfest. I know I'm going to love this fest. I hope there are more H/D claims. *grins*

Happy Valentine's Day, lovely flist. I hope someone is keeping you warm. ♥ ♥ ♥
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