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My birthday!! *bounces and jumps*

This post is ridiculous. It's long (so long! Hello lj cuts!), and mushy and you'll have to forgive me, and I promise there are cookies if you even make it half way through. But I can't help myself, I'm so deliriously happy!

I loved my birthday. I had the best birthday.

I had! Never mind what my family and the bf gave me, the shows of affection I was gifted with were humbling and amazing and I literally have no words of my own.

The messages, the stories, the arts, the pictures graphics, the v-gifts, everything. You have no idea how amazing it was. Literally, I couldn't stop beaming all day like a loon.

I want to thank eidheann_writes, iwao, 0idontknow0, birdsofshore, traintracks, roelliej, tjs_whatnot, dragontara, writcraft, dracogotgame, hogwartsvixxxen, susannah_wilde, sophie_french, kalime80, onempty, firethesound, gracerene, nherizu, kitty_fic, inglevine, mab, indyonblue, zeitgeistic, anemonen, notearchiver, ashindk, celestlyn, aries_in_love, vaysh, icmezzo, omi_ohmy, drarryisgreen, dysonrules.

If I'm forgetting someone who even said Hi to me I'm going to iron my ears until my next birthday, because everything, every message and gift and word meant the world to me. And you know, everybody, even people who didn't know or didn't give a flying feck it was birthday, just for being out there.

You have no idea, you don't know how happy I am every day because of you, how excited I am to come and open my journal and know I'm going to see you, know you're going to be there, to learn about your lives, to laugh with you or maybe offer a hug if you need it (and even if you don't). And it's just that, somewhere along the way, beyond the amazing stories shared, the art to be admired, all of you have become a huge part of my life, the best part of my day. These friendships I've made, these friendly interactions are the one thing that never fails to bring a smile on my face.

I know, we all know fandom is special, is brilliant and crazy, but it's you, every one of you (even you lurkers!) are the ones that make me feel part of something, like even a little thing like me matters.

And I hope, I hope you know this. I hope you know it's not just nice words to be said, that they come from my heart, to yours.

I'm so mushy, I know, I'm sorry! But here's a love letter I made for you with someecards, because I don't want to kill you with all the fluff.

Dear, Crazy Fandom,

I hope you know that,

 photo lostandweird_zps65e92ffe.jpg

And that

 photo loveyoulikewhoa_zps64548e53.png

And I'll forever be

 photo veryinterested_zps055c955d.jpg

And that what started with this

 photo 1_zps17a3002e.jpg

Will never end

 photo alwaysandforever_zps268ef48d.jpg

I mean every word. I love you, guys. <3

And my family and the boyfriend, they got together with a couple of friends and had the best time with them, too.

The bf, omg!!! The thing is, he doesn't sing, at all. Not even happy birthday, in all the years I've known him he only ever lip sings. But something got to him last night and sang me a song. And it was terrible, awful. I swear the speakers were about to jump off the window, and cats and dogs all over the neighbourhood were running for their lives. It was brilliant.

It was this song, No Me Important El Dinero, which is my favourite song in the whole world. It's a duet, so I had to sing too. I admit I'm slightly better than the bf (though that doesn't say anything, trust me), but yeah. It was good. It was good. XD

And of course, I had a Harry Potter cake! Are you kidding?? Which coincidentally is the only good picture of the whole night! The only one that isn't blurred, moved, someone isn't making a face, with their eyes closed and I don't look like something came out of a horror fest movie. XD

 photo cake_zpsd178031b.jpg

Chocolate, with chocolate filling, with chocolate icing and then chunks of chocolates on the side. It was delicious. :D

I told you. I had the best birthday, and it was all thanks to you. You made this day unforgettable. ♥
Tags: fests list, oh how i love you guys, omg i love my flist, pictures

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