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Cross gen recs and HP Character Love Fest ~love~

I love it when Harry suffer his love, when he feels it in his bones. And these two fics will show you that and so much more. Cross gen, because those are my weakness.

Title: Forever After by writcraft
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Word Count: 1,800
Summary: Harry always thought he was brave enough to do anything, but he can't seem to give up Scorpius Malfoy.
Warning(s): Age disparity, Fingering, references to fisting, oral sex, angst
Notes: The way Harry is suffering his love for Scorpius, the way he's given up on even trying to resist, is delicious. The guilt he carries for having given in, completely overrided by his want… it's incredibly powerful. And it's smoking hot.

Title: How to Resist Shagging Teddy Lupin by traintracks
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Teddy (they wish)
Word Count: 2,370
Summary: Harry gives a tutorial on how to resist shagging Teddy Lupin, even when you want him so bad it hurts.
Warning(s)/Content: UST, cross-gen, shades of incestuous feelings, various sexual fantasies
Notes: God, the amount of Sexual Tension in this story is going to drive you crazy. The way Harry wants Teddy, the way he's holding himself back, the way they both suffer it. God! There are no words.

banner by capitu

The HP Character Love Fest is amazing fun. Still going strong, but characters still want your love.

These are my threads:
Harry. Ten reasons why I love you, Harry. From Draco's POV. (quotes from fics)
Draco. Ten reasons why I love you, Draco. From Harry's POV. (quotes from fics)
Ron. Banner.
Neville Banner.
Sirius Graphic.
Dobby. Banner.
James Sirius. Graphic.
Albus Severus. Graphic.
Scorpius. Graphic.

But you know, you don't have to do anything. I mean, you don't have to write a fic, or do an art, or a banner or a huge production. You can go there and find the characters you love the most and remember why, quote memorable bits of the books about your favourite characters, rec stories about them, write them an open letter, list top five reasons why you like them, create that thing you do with the name of a person (What is the name of that, by the way? XD), or simply go there and check all the love people have been leaving. Anything goes!

And this is the Character Love Fest Master List. A good place to start. :)

Go, go, go! ♥ ♥ ♥
Tags: pairing: harry/scorpius, pairing: harry/teddy, recs, recs: crossgen, recs: slash

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