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Recs from favicondaily_deviant. So you know they're hot & dirty. :D

It's kind of a Charlie day here, so I present you three (hot like buring) Charlie fics, plus one threesome that is going to amaze you:

Title: Good Ol' Uncle Charlie by torino10154
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Charlie/Rose, ~secret voyeur
Word Count: 1,070
Summary: Charlie has so many things he wants to do to show Rose he hardly knows where to begin.
Warning(s): Rough sex, dirty talk, cunnilingus, rimming, blow job, incest
My Notes: I don't know how to rec this story. ^^ It's just so hot. Oh, my god, so, so hot. Okay. Well, there's dirty talking, and fingering, and, you know, Charlie. So hot. I know, lamest rec ever, but read it, read it now!

Title: A Dragon’s Heartstring at the Core by tryslora
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Charlie/Harry/Draco
Word Count: 2,435
Warning(s): tattoos, sex magic, a hint of blindfolding and size kink, threesome (goes without saying. :D)
My Notes: And this one is just as hot! But it's sweet, too. You see, Harry and Charlie want Draco, they want him for keeps. And it's beyond sexy, Draco at their mercy wanting them back. Oh yes. Delicious.

Title: Chances Are (Your Chances Are Awfully Good) by hogwartshoney
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Charlie/Draco/Neville/Kingsley
Word Count: 3,470
Summary: Sometimes taking a chance can yield great results.
Warning(s): Fingering, rough sex, double penetration.
My Notes: Do I need to say more than double penetration!Draco? I probably do, I just don't know what because Kingsley sort of killed me here. Scorching hot.

Title: Life During Wartime by amand_r
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Snape/Kingsley/Aberforth, Snape/Kingsley
Word Count: 5,900
Summary: Heard of a broom that is loaded with weapons, packed up and ready to go. Heard of some grave-sites out in the forest, a place that nobody knows.
Warning(s): cock caging, double penetration, during War (first).
My Notes: You wouldn't believe how well this story works, how deep and emotional and raw it is. The characterisations are amazing here, and the descriptions of this moment in all these men's lives, are just spot on, and on top of that, is so intense and hot. Perfect, read it and be surprised by this story.

And speaking of recs, I'm this month's crack_broom Harry/Draco flyer. :D There are queues running low (Harry/Draco only have one more flyer for February and then nothing ^^), you can find them all here.

The Crack Broom in one of the best sources out there our fandom has to find great stories, please consider reccing here. You only have to rec four stories a month (minimum) plus additional art recs (if you want). The rules are over here. Pick a pairing of your fancy and just do it. :D

And, of course, a reminder that Prompting is still Open at harrydracompreg. ;)
Tags: community rec, pairing: charlie/draco/neville/kingsley, pairing: charlie/harry/draco, pairing: charlie/rose, pairing: snape/kingsley/aberforth, recs, recs: crossgen, recs: het, recs: slash

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