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art by isinuyasha
art by isinuyasha ~ banner by capitu

I am so excited about the Mpreg Fest this year. I'm always excited about it, but this year I'm helping to mod it with eidheann_writes & kitty_fic.

I know a lot of you are already fans of Mpreg, but I also know there are just as many that aren't into it, and while I'd never pressure anyone into reading something they wouldn't enjoy, I'd like to take a moment and try and make you consider mpreg as something you could potentially enjoy.

The thing is, there's so much more to mpreg stories than the just pregnancy. It has so much potential for angst, fluff, drama and humour; for family oriented stories, for the unexpected and for lovely characterisations.

It's one of my favourite genres. And, you know, I never saw it coming either. I used think I'd never read Mpreg. I had this idea that friends don't let friends read mpreg, but then there was one story that completely changed my mind.

And that's why I honestly think that sometimes you just have to try something new and discover how much fun you can have playing in one of the most amazing sandboxes in fandom. Maybe you just have to find that story that will lure you in and help you discover a whole new way to have fun with this trope.

I mean, just think of the possibilities! Sometimes the boys don't know they can get pregnant, sometimes they are trying to get pregnant, sometimes they are scared of being pregnant, sometimes they are tricked into getting pregnant (by potions, spells, curses), sometimes they are confused about what's happening, sometimes they are already pregnant and it's an adventure to see them going through it, sometimes the baby is there and there are so much feelings, and of course, all the pregnancy idiosyncrasies to explore! So much fun to be had!

You can browse around the harrydracompreg community tags and check the Master Lists of previous fest. I have specific tags for both Harry and Draco in my community rec, or I can rec you something personally if you wish, based on your likes/dislikes.

The announcement for the 2014 Mpreg Fest just came up, and it'd be brilliant to see you there.
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