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I hate myself and I want a cup of tea.

Dear capitu,

You suck!

Oh my god, you suck so bad. You should be working in the porn industry because you so suck so hard. Like, hanging around glory holes or something because you suck suck suck.

I've made you, what? How many layouts I've made you? You lost count, haven't you? I know I've lost count. I've lost count how many headers I've made you, also!


And then when I finally thought I made you a layout you liked, you got obsessed with a tiny, minuscule little thing that no one was going to notice, but that's all you could see. I was at it for weeks and when I finally fixed that teeny, ridiculous detail, it turned you didn't like the layout so hot in the end.

So that's it. That is it, buddy! I'm not making you any more layouts. You'll be stuck with that blue Magic layout forever.


That's right! Forever.


p.s. You're out of coffee.
Tags: letters to myself

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