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welcome to villa cariño!

Quick & awesome H/D reads for you!

To start your day with a big smile on your face. :)

Lily's Letter by dracogotgame @ mini_fest | PG 13 | 940 | Lily has a bone to pick with Santa.
You see, she saw Santa kissing her daddy, and she's not too happy about it. There's her other daddy to think of! Question: How cute is this? Answer: SUPER CUTE. :D

Perplexing Presents by dracogotgame @ mini_fest | G | 1,233 | The Potter Malfoy kids want their presents.
In which the children sneak in the middle of the night to spy their presents. And it's one big LULZ all over. This little fic is hilarious.

A Might Ress of Things by enchanted_jae @ mini_fest | PG | 700 | For Draco, this holiday party just became much more enjoyable.
Drunk!Harry is overly chatty. :D You're going to fall in love with him (just like Draco.)

Recipe for a Contented Reader by birdsofshore @ hd_owlpost | PG | 600 | H/D readers deserve to have delicious treats cooked up for them. Here's a recipe to satisfy the appetite.
Delicious "recipe" for readers. This is beyond awesome. READ IT!!!!!!!

Lucky by who_la_hoop @ hd_owlpost | R | 4,5k | You are Draco Malfoy. You have a vial of Felix Felicis and a plan. Will you be lucky?
This is an interactive game, you get to chose what Draco does after he's drank Felix Felicis. The results are always ♥.

Scorpius' Cafe by fantasyfiend09 @ hd_owlpost | G | 1,200 | Harry finds the perfect café.
Sweetest story with the most darling Scorpius ever. Awww, yes, this fic is adorable.
Tags: pairing: harry/draco, recs, recs: h/d, recs: slash

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