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There are lovely stuff in this post. <3

The hd_fan_fair's reveals are up! Did you guess who wrote and drew any stories and art? I'm bad at guessing, but this year I was correct about... 5 submissions! Which is nearly a record for me. ^^

I was so lucky with my prompts, both were amazing.

birdsofshore wrote Rarely Pure and Never Simple NC 17 | 29K | Draco is hit with a curse in which he can't lie, and Harry is his bodyguard. If you haven't read it, I don't know what you're waiting for!

dustmouth created Keep Your Shirt On PG | In which Harry hires Draco to get rid of Grimmauld Place's household pests. And he does so, rarely wearing a shirt. It's funny and adorable and all things wonderful. Mustn't miss it.

And here are all the lovely book illustrations for the fest. They are really fantastic. I saved every single one along with the fic & art, because I'm a dork like that. :D

And! The hd_fanart Fest started posting last week, and there are some beautiful submissions already. My prompt was posted earlier this week:

Alive |PG by edelau @ hd_fanart

I requested caring/nursing/concern, pain, relief, and the artist filled perfectly.

Auror Potter was injured and Healer Malfoy is going to take care of him. But you should seen the relief on both their faces! I swear Draco is saying, "You're okay." And Harry, "You're here." It's the sweetest thing. Don't miss the fest!

Don't forget to leave some love to these authors and artists. ♥
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