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Ah, the Wizarding world of Harry Potter is ~magical~

If I had a chance, I'd stay and live there, and it's not even the real one! But it takes you there, you know? It makes your imagination fly.

Fly high, actually. And I don't mean just the Fly Simulator or the Dragon Challenges or Flight of the Hippogriff. Oh, no.

I had the best dream in the world on the night I visit there. I dreamt Draco was preparing himself for Harry.

Yep. Exactly what you're thinking. :D

SEE? Magical stuff happens when you go there!

I saw an older couple, they must have been in their late 60s or something and it made me so happy. I could perfectly imagine me as them, visiting the park in 30 years time and remembering everything.

I bought too much stuff, and I had too much fun, and I can't wait to go again when the new part is done. Hey, maybe we could organise a huge meetup then. It's in two years or so, plenty of time to plan. :D Yes, I'm hopeful we're all going to still be here together. <3

But a lot has been happening here, and I need to catch up:

My lovely flist ♥ and comments (this is going to take a while)
hd_tropes's reveals.
hd_fan_fair started posting! And my prompt was first!!! Rarely Pure and Never Simple. (I had the feeling it was going to get posted while I was away. This is what I'm doing first. ^^)
hd_level_two two new episodes!
hd_fanart, not fest posts, but there's always so much lovely stuff there.
Stalk the Self Pimping Rec list. People are still commenting, don't forget to stop by and check the new additions. :D
Generally read everything I've missed! Lol
And last but not least, adding authors to recs at my_drarry_recs.

I hope you've been having a lot of fun. :D I know I did, I had such an amazing time. Every fan should go to this park at least once. But I missed you all so much. It's good to be back. ♥ ♥ ♥

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