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Recs and more recs ^^

But I'm going to be away so I wanted to rec everything lovely I've read lately. Sorry! (Only, nope, I'm really not.) :D

Speaking of recs… Have you read hd_level_two's second episode The Lady in White? It's awesome. More mysteries unfold, and Harry and Draco are starting to get familiar with each other. And the art! Yeah, don't miss it. Every Friday there's a new episode!

And here are the recs, behind a cut because, wow, this turned out longer than I thought ^^:

Cross gen + a lovely Ron, Draco gen with (H/D background) bonus!

Title: Possibly, Maybe by curlee_cue
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius
Word Count: 72,300 Approx.
Summary: “A hand carefully brushed Scorpius’ hair out of his eyes and turned his head to face his rescuer. And of course, who else would it be, but Harry Potter? Once just an abstract legend, now his very own personal saviour.”
Warning(s): Object insertion, age difference, food sex, exhibitionism
Notes: This story is probably a classic for this ship. It's amazingly sexy. It's from Scorpius' POV, from the moment he saw Harry Potter for the first time, his first interactions with him until Scorpius is old enough to recognise his feelings for him. I'm not kidding, it's hot. But it's also fun and sweet, and you're going to fall in love with Harry through Scorpius' eyes, and love Scorpius, learn his sexual preferences, his jealousy, his lovely friendship with Al, and see him grow.

Title: Concequences of Truth or at AO3 by altri_uccelli
Pairing: NC 17
Characters: Draco/Albus Severus
Word Count: 52,500 Approx.
Summary: Professor Draco Malfoy is not best pleased to have a Potter Sort into his House. But he forges a bond with Albus over Potions, and as Draco becomes unwillingly entangled in Potter family secrets and lies, he discovers that more than truth is at stake.
Warning(s): None
Notes: This story is definitely a classic for his ship. One of those Must Read, and with reason. Albus has a gift, one that so much of the time feels like a burden; he can see the truth. It's hard to explain, he sees when someone is lying, and one of the few people, the only in so many ways, who's always been honest in every sense is Draco. But their relationship is so much more than that, it's love born out of mutual respect and understanding, it's gentle and mature. It grows and changes, from mentor to lover. It's beautifully paced and lovely written.

Title: Festival Night or at AO3 by vaysh
Pairing: NC 17
Characters: Draco/Albus Severus
Word Count: 6,700 Approx.
Summary: Scorpius is getting married, and Albus Severus is the best man. At the wedding, Draco is feeling old, fat and maudlin, watching his son take this huge step, so he goes off for a walk in the Manor gardens. Albus Severus follows him.
Warning(s): Fat admiration
Notes: This story went straight to my heart (and other places ^^). Middle aged and self-conscious Draco, finds himself alone with Albus at Scorpius' wedding, who not only loves what he sees in Draco, but shows him. No, seriously, it's fantastic, the way you can relate to Draco's feelings (and you have to read the story for this to make sense), because we all at one point or another have felt maudlin about our lives. It's beautiful, touching and deliciously hot.
This story has a sequel Argument in an Office or at AO3, and it's just as amazing and full of feelings are the first part. And bird told me there's more to come from this verse! :D

Title: Knight to G5 by josephinestone
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Ron, Draco gen, Harry/Draco
Word Count: 2,800 Approx.
Summary: Ron will never like Malfoy, but a game of chess might make their forced time together go by faster.
Warning(s): None
Notes: Ron and Draco sit together while Harry lies in a coma in St Mungo's. It's amazing, how two people who can't stand each other, find a common ground for someone they love. I loved it because this is how I think a friendship between Draco and Ron would start, in behalf of Harry, grow from there. But wow, the way they care for Harry is lovely and how they find it in themselves to try to get along for him is wonderful.

Harry/Draco Art:

Title: I Am My Boyfriend by nobunakira
Rating: R
Characters: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry and Draco!body swap.
Warning(s): None
Notes: Super fun, comic-style art with Harry and Draco switching bodies every time they "join". Yep, like that. XD And it's brilliant, Draco being Draco in Harry's body is priceless. I swear you'll even recognise Harry's expressions on Draco's face! Amazing.

Title: Can I Touch? by iwao
Rating: G
Characters: Harry/Draco
Warning(s): None
Notes: Veela!Draco. This is a scene from Chains of Earth by dysonrules. And it's beautiful, the details of the feathers, Draco's chest, everything is lovely.

Title: Fucking great! by edelau
Rating: NC 17
Characters: Harry/Draco
Warning(s): Not safe for work
Notes: Hot, smutty, slutty art is HOT. Seriously, that pose, that ass, those hands, that curve of Harry's back, unbelievable.

Harry/Draco fic!recs at my_drarry_recs.
Tags: pairing: draco/albus severus, pairing: harry/draco, pairing: harry/scorpius, recs, recs: art, recs: crossgen, recs: h/d, recs: slash

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