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2013's Self Pimping Rec List!

It's been a few years since marguerite_26 made the Self Pimping Rec List and I've been dying to know what authors & artists consider Fandom New Favourites from their point of view.

So, with marguerite_26's permission I want to invite you to the 2013's Self Pimping Rec List!

banner by capitu

THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR SHYNESS! Tuck it away, pimp yourself, and come to tell us what is your best work, which story/art are you most proud of and which one you consider fan's favourite.

All pairings and genres are welcome!

…What was that? You have other fandoms that you write for? Perfect! Don't let the banner fool you. ALL fandoms are welcome here! Feel free to fill this with all the fandoms you write for!

This is your comment template:

And Have Fun, fun ~fun! ♥ ♥ ♥

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