welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Gah. I need help.

I've been looking for this picture for ages with very little luck.

The funny thing is, I know one of you uses in an icon, but I don't remember who and yeah, I could go through every single one of your userpics (and trust me, I was tempted) but I figured I could do the smart thing and, you know, ask. Well, I think it's one of you, it's one of us, at any rate. :D

Besides, it's not just the icon I'm looking for. It's the picture, the big one from which the icon was made of.

The picture is of a blond and a brunette couple in bed, they are sort of blurred, but it's so fitting for Harry and Draco. It's not a manip, at least I don't think it's a manip.

Do you know what pic I'm talking about?

Come on, you know what pic I'm talking about!

I'm looking for it like crazy. Anyone have it? Anyone even know what I'm talking about? ^^

I tried googling it, but this is what I got:

h/d lego in bed

So yeah. While still very cute, not what I had in mind. :P

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