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Fandom is love

God, I can't believe this even happened. You people are lovely and wonderful, and I love you all so very much.

I can't thank enough all of you (seriously, I can't, in ten years time, you all might have forgotten but I'm gonna be like…"And remember that August day—the 17th— you did all this? Thank you, I can't thank you enough," and you're going to be like "What? You're still on about that? God, shut up." And I'm gonna be like, "Okay, I'm just saying…" I swear!) and birdsofshore for hosting this unbelievable thing.

I want to share what all you brilliant people did, and take just a moment to thank every single one of you:

mab made me the cutest banner in the world. This is seriously too cute for words.

kedavranox wrote me Never Let Me Go. It's a beautiful hurt/comfort moment in the lives of Harry and Draco, reminding me how love is not about changing who they are, but accepting everything it comes by loving them. Gorgeous story.

dysonrules wrote me Pseudo, and there is one of the cutest drunk!Draco I've read, and a Harry that if he doesn't do some explaining is going to kill me. This is a WIP so you all have to help me and pest her for the next part. I mean it. I have it all figure it out. Every time you leave a comment to her, write Ps. Pseudo. :D Help a shipper, help yourselves!

birdsofshore wrote me Someone Very Dedicated or Slightly Insane. I can relate to this person. :P Harry and Draco finding a "Harry/Draco Rec Room" and having no idea what the hell that is. It's hilarious, and I'm never EVER going to be able to tag my recs without thinking of Harry and Draco wondering what the shit PWP, EWP and UST mean? What? LOL

eidheann_writes wrote On Acronyms. A hilarious follow up to birdsofshore's ficlet, it's Hermione explaining (and horrifying just a little bit) Harry about what PWP, UST and EWE, and it's going to have you laughing for ages, and forever change the meaning of Sheep Fics. <3

ashindk wrote me The wedding. Featuring Portrait!Snape & Portrait!Albus at Harry and Draco wedding day. Absolutely adorable, and so funny, with Snape being his grumpy old self and Albus, oh my, a pervert!

omi_ohmy wrote me Love, which is beautiful and poetical, a bit melancholy and lovely all around, reminding Harry (and me) that love is more than just a moment, it changes, and you can find it where you least expected. Also, there's Draco in a lycra-clad. We all win with this story. It's beautiful.

citrus_lime drew me And then, I Almost Killed You. "And I know I could've said a thousand apologies, and I think it'd never be enough." It's such a beautiful moment, when Harry holds Draco, looking at his scarred chest, but the air about it, remorseful and protective is what strikes me the most. Beautiful, tender and so very touching.

drarryisgreen wrote me Something More Intimate. Awesomely cute ficlet, with a very ~nervous~ Draco approaching Harry for the first time. Ohh, yeah.

saras_girl drew me Squid Blaise Toasting. Blaise, from This Summer in his squid outfit toasting for me. Seriously, how awesome is that? *dies* <3

And thank you, eidheann_writes, wellhalesbells, dracogotgame, writcraft, isinuyasha, oakstone730, raitala, celestlyn, amorette, blossomdreams, enchanted_jae, blamebrampton, daemoncas5, taradiane, icmezzo, vaysh, kitty_fic, fantasyfiend09, who left a comment or send me a hug, your words mean the world to me. Both friends who I love and strangers that will become friends, who took time to say something to someone they might not really know beyond recognising it in passing, because fandom is giving like that. ♥

And everybody who left a comment on these stories, ficlets, and arts, who have no idea what the heck was going on or who this capitu person is but enjoyed the words and the arts and told the authors as much.

I say fandom is love, and it is, because it's not about what we're expecting to get, but about what we give. Writers, artists, they come here not thinking about what they'll get, but eager to give; to give us stories, images, they give us their talent, all for the love we all share for this fandom, this universe and characters that are so much part of our lives, feel as real as the very people we go to sleep at night or share our day-to-day life out there with.

So yeah, it wasn't about me (though, please, I beg you, give me a moment to bask in the warm feeling that, yeah, it kind of was) but the bottom line is, to be reminded, about what fandom means in our lives, the friendships we've made and the happiness we find when we share that love.

I'm sorry if I'm embarrassing you, and myself, but yeah. Gods. THANK YOU. ♥
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