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Recs from on-going fests

From hp_ageplay:

Title: Flickering Shadows by justwolf
Rating: PG 13
Characters: Harry, George, Angelina
Word Count: 2,900
Summary: To piss the bed, and then have people treat you kindly—it wasn't the kind of thing that happened in real life.
Warning(s): see original post
My Notes: Everybody who loves Harry should read this fic. It's not about the kink, not really. It's about Harry being young and embarrassed and for the first time in his life having someone who would take care of him and comfort him instead of punish him and embarrass him. It warm and just wonderful.

Title: No More Excuses by hpfangirl71
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/James Sirius
Word Count: 1,096
Summary: Al has finally run out of excuses for the games he and his brother play together.
Warning(s): Sibling incest, implied one-sided father/son incest, spanking, submissiveness, polyjuice potion
My Notes: This story is just hot, and dirty. I've never been more aware of Pottercest than with this fic. It's got Albus Polyjuiced as Harry with James, so yeah, it's naughty all around.

From hp_owned:

Title: Knock, Breathe, Shine, and Seek to Mend by traintracks
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Albus Severus/James Sirius
Word Count: 13,400 Approx.
Summary: "What do you want?" James' voice was all breath. Al wouldn't look at him. He didn't know what was happening. Well, part of what was happening was obvious: He was erect again, and this time he didn't have the morning wood excuse. But what was happening with Jamie... That was another matter.
Warning(s): Incest, see more in original post for more warnings
My Notes: I love it when kinky stories are more than just about the sex, and there are all sorts of feelings on this fic; there's longing, so much yearning you'll feel it yourself, want, need and that delicious guilt that comes from wanting something you're not supposed to want, added in this scenario of fuck or die, which makes it all more intense.

And an art: NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (was that clear enough? :P)

Title: Thursday Night at the Hedonism Institute by 0idontknow0
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Just your average Thursday night at the slave training school Hedonism Institute. Harry's definitely passing the "Learning to Love Your Leash" course.
Warning(s): BDSM
My Notes: You have to see this art and admire the curve of Harry's bum (looking all pink and tender) as he kneels in front of Draco and… Yeah, you get the idea. ;)
Tags: pairing: harry/draco, pairing: james sirius/albus severus, recs, recs: art, recs: h/d, recs: next gen, recs: slash

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