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Yet again, a round up of past & future HP fests.

I was going through vaysh's list, checking what fests are coming up next and I ended up making my own, adding a few Master Lists plus other fests not Harry/Draco exclusive. I'm posting it because, meh, why not, yeah? It's not like it's going to take a lot of room on your list and you'll think, god, I don't need the reminder. Right? RIGHT??

Harry/Draco 2013 fests. Master Lists and upcoming dates:

hd_holidays's 2012 and final year Master List
hd_remix's vol. 5,0 Master List
dracotops_harry 2013 Fest Master List
hds_beltane's 2013 Fest Master List
harrydracompreg's 2013 Fest Master List
hd_smoochfest's 2013 Master List
hd_cliche's 2013 Master List
hd_tropes's 2013 is posting right now!
hd_fan_fair's 2013 starts posting September 26
hd_fluff Will host their anual Fluffy Halloween Fest this October
serpentinelion's 2013 starts posting November 1
hd_fanart's 2013 Art Fest claiming is open and it starts posting also on November 1st
hd_erised's 2013 Signups open August 1, and Posting starts: December 1
slythindor100's 25 Days of Harry/Draco: December 1 through 25, 2013

Other communities, Not Harry & Draco exclusively but with of H/D content. (And many other yummy pairings):

mini_fest's 2012 Master List (no word if there will be a mini_fest this year yet)
hp_getlucky's 2013 Fest Master List
hp_kinkfest's 2013 Fest Master List
do_me_veela's 2013 Do Me Veela Valentine Fest Master List
hp_3somes's 2013 Fest Master List
hp_darkarts's 2013 Horror Fest Master List
deatheaterfest's 2013 Master List
hp_podfic_fest's 2013 Master List
instinctivelust's 2013 Beat the Heat Master List
hp_owned's 2013 Summer of Slaves Master List
hp_porninthesun's 2013 Master List
hp_ageplay's 2013 Master List
hp_adoptaprompt is posting right now!
hp_silencio starts posting September 21
hp_sexstars is looking for mods for this year fest here

I'm updating these lists constantly. ^_^
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