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Man, I'm cold, but yay for prompts and art

I was checking my prompts at the hd_fan_fair (still open for claiming!) and I saw two of them were claimed! AND one of them was claimed for art! YAY! This makes me ridiculously excited. :D

Which reminds me, the hd_fanart announced its annual FanArt fest.

Click on banner for information. (Such a lovely banner, too. Our fandom make the best banners, just looking at them makes me want to follow everything.)

The thing is, I'm going to be away in family vacations when the prompting opens so I'm going to need someone to prompt my prompts. ^^ I already asked; it's allowed to prompt by proxy. Anyone from my fantabulous flist willing to do this for me? Pretty please? <3

In other news, Jesus, it's cold. I know most of you are enjoying a lovely summer but it's freezing here. Well, freezing for my standards (10˚ Celsius or 50˚ Fahrenheit), which is ridiculous for me because on an average day, not even summer, the temperature here is 30˚C, so yeah, 10˚ should be illegal, OKAY? Coldest day of the year, though if forecasts are to be believed, next week will be even colder. God.. And it's rainy, too. Grr.
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