welcome to villa cariño! (capitu) wrote,
welcome to villa cariño!

Funny things.

It's universally established that Mondays suck. So hey, captions! Harry Potter captions to be specific.

They are random, they are ridiculously funny, and I laugh silly when I see them. Thought I'd share them. :)

I couldn't pick just the one, so here are a few of my favourites.
(Warning: Don't drink anything while watching this. Also, don't run with scissors!)

 photo sayingitwrong_zps1729a53c.jpg

 photo socks_zps52b1e1ca.jpg  photo hititgandalf_zps7855aeef.jpg

 photo hedwigf_zpsf761b45d.jpg

 photo dracohitharrysass_zps839ccb0f.jpg

 photo howwesarted_zpsc58c005c.jpg

 photo joinDE_zps689ea890.jpg

 photo legit_zps636462bf.jpg

 photo nopost_zps5ef0485f.jpg

 photo siriusandi_zps98869147.jpg

 photo uglyshirt_zpsecdadfac.jpg

 photo vampsparkle_zpsd2a0b231.jpg  photo amseverus_zpsf0a87812.jpg

 photo sodrunk_zps8f2a65ab.jpg

What's your favourite caption? Show me yours! :D
Tags: harry potter fandom fun

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