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HP Fun facts, or wishes?

Are all these true?

I know some of these are true. I read them on one of the interviews JKR gave shortly after the DH release, but a couple of these are new to me and I'm wondering… really? Do you know them to be true?

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts01_zps82b5d00f.jpg
Um. That makes sense but I'm not sure if she said it. Did she??

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts02_zps949f61ef.jpg
I know the second one here is true, and she implied the first one.

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts03_zpse550e5e7.jpg
I also know both of these to be true.

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts04_zps5bdabfce.jpg
Yep, both true.

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts05_zps04df159b.jpg
Really? Omg, poor George!

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts06_zps7d603883.jpg
I have heard the second one here, but I'm not sure if she said it or if it's one of those things that someone who is very close to someone heard someone else saying that JKR said it. O.o

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts07_zps603f8168.jpg
I can believe the first one, but I'm not sure about the second one. It seems like one of those things we wish would happen but also far-fetched.

 photo Harry-Potter-fun-facts08_zps16624e25.jpg
Both true. And don't you love that second one? :D

What other fandom fun facts do you know? These were the only ones on this page (which I didn't bookmark :(). Is there a site devoted to fun facts like this? That's be awesome. As it would be a list of fandom wishes. :)
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