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On Psycho Killers, census & a Dark Fest rec.

Tomorrow there's a census here in Bolivia, I'll be interviewing 40 families about their way of living.

I hope none of these houses homes a Psycho Killer. My dad is Most Concerned. I didn't think of it until the boyfriend pointed out it's a valid concern. Yeah. It's valid all right. I was very excited about being a census agent and be part of this, now I'm still excited, but a little bit afraid.

And speaking of scary thoughts, I've been catching up with the hp_darkfest.

The hp_darkfest is one of the very few fests in which I enjoy, and actively look for, het as the main pairing. (Yes, I'm utterly corrupted by slash. Proudly!) And this is one that I liked:

Title: His
Author: mickeysam
Rating: R
Characters: Harry Potter/Dominique Weasley
Word Count: 7,840
Summary: The first time he saw her he knew he could never let her go. She was supposed to be his and he'll do anything to make it so. But how far is too far before love becomes obsession.

What I liked so about this story is that you read the flashbacks, and under any other circumstances you'd think it's so very sweet and smile and wish all good things for Harry, and then reality hits you and it's just horrifying, which, what with it being a Dark Fest, I think it is the point. This fic is very twisted! And not extremely graphic, not that there's anything wrong with that, I'm just saying. ^^

Anyway, I enjoyed it. I thought maybe some of you might, too.
Tags: pairing: harry/dominique, recs, recs: crossgen, recs: het

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