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welcome to villa cariño!
02 January 2018 @ 09:40 am
[insert joke of I haven't posted since last year, which would have been hilarious by the way LOL]

Happy New Year, Fandom! ♥

Don't forget there's only a few more days to comment for the Comment-a-thon! It'll close on midnight on Saturday 6th! (ETD)

On Jan 8th there'll be a post for you to submit how many points you've made and for which House and then on the 10th I'll announce the winners! :D

Of course, the whole purpose of this Comment-a-thon has been giving back a bit of love to the creators who through all the month of December have given us so much fic and art and graphics and podfics to enjoy. I hope you've been having a brilliant time!

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